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Hope and Regret, Ch. 3
A Sith acolyte slammed into the wall with a bone cracking thud. Crumpling to the ground, he moaned in pain. The acolyte's whimpering became a strangled gasp as he was lifted from the ground. His neck snapped, and his body was tossed aside like a discarded toy.
Revan casually adjusted his gloves and looked around the crowded training room. He was surrounded by a ring of thirty apprentices and acolytes all armed with lightsabers. There was a hundred more spread out further around the room, watching and waiting in the shadows for their turn to face the Master. Two hundred fledgling dark Jedi had started the day's training session, but the Sith Lord's brutal methods consistently thinned their numbers.
He motioned them forward and the ring of dark Jedi closed in around him. Revan shut his eyes, and let the Force guide his motion. His own lightsabers remained clipped at his belt, much to the surprise of those watching. Twisting and weaving, the Sith Lord evaded strike after clumsy strike tha
:iconravensheart:RavensHeart 6 1
Hope and Regret, Ch. 2
Bastila shivered, but not from the cold. She watched Revan as he stood on the bridge, appalled by his lack of concern for the lives of others. He had killed one of his own crew members in front of her. His apprentice and the entire crew of Malak’s ship were also dead. Thousands of lives snuffed out in the blink of an eye because Malak dared betray his Master. Countless innocent people were dead at Revan’s whim.
She struggled to control the anger and hatred she felt burning in her heart and mind. Her thoughts had become a constant mantra repeating the Jedi Code, as she tried to remain calm. Bastila’s mind drifted back to the Enclave on Dantooine. She bit her lip against the bittersweet memories. She remembered the warm sun over the lush prairies that spread out from the Enclave. She imagined running her fingers over the warm, sturdy stone walls of the Enclave itself. She had always felt so safe there. She could see the faces of her Masters with their gentle, patient eyes
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Hope and Regret
"The life we lead, the path we walk
the journey we take, the choices we make
all conspire to make us who we are.
With each step, we affect those around us.
Hope and regret walk side by side."
Showers of sparks surrounded him as the twin sabers in his hands hummed and hissed against those of his opponents. Five Jedi pressed in around him, each seeking to penetrate his defenses. A low growl echoed in his throat and his eyes blazed with fury behind his mask. Around him he could sense the entire bridge crew watching, waiting to see if their Lord would fall to the Jedi.
A sudden explosion knocked him off balance. His mind reeled as he tried to reason the cause, but pain surged through his body. The scent of smoke mingled with that of his own blood as he collapsed to the floor. Just the thought of breathing became excruciating, and he felt the darkness of oblivion closing in upon his vision. A face hovered above him and for a brief moment the pain subsided enough for him to focus on that
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Lost and Found
Behind her, the smoke seemed to linger, dark clouds hanging in the air as if to mock her. She walked out through the city gates with only what she could carry in the pack slung over her shoulder. Behind her, all that she had ever known lay in smoldering ruin, her home, her family, her past, it was all gone. She kept walking, not knowing where her feet would take her, but she could never turn back. There was nothing left in Silvermoon for her; she wouldn’t let herself look back. Her name was Kaisharra Starhawk, but from that moment on, the sound of her surname would never pass her lips. It would remain behind her, in the ashes of her youth.
Her only companion was a small silver dragonhawk hatchling named Lunaris. The two had a bond and Kaisharra was grateful that the little creature was still with her. The little hatchling rode on her shoulder, its tail twined around her neck for balance. Absently, she reached up and gently stroked the tiny head.
“At least I’ve got you, L
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Listen to the Stars
Clear midnight skies spread over the Enclave, the countless stars sparkling against the dark like diamonds on a black velvet cloak. The girl stood so still she might have been a statue as she studied the stars. Although she was only eight, her deep azure eyes seemed to hold wisdom far beyond her years. Her jet black hair fell loosely around her shoulders. From the doorway, another watched her for a moment before sighing heavily and stepping out into the courtyard.
The boy was a year older than she and a full head and a half taller. He approached slowly, cautiously, almost reverently. She made no move, not even the slightest twitch of a muscle to indicate she heard him or felt him. He stood beside her, green eyes filled with emotion as he looked at her. Finally, he shook his head and spoke, though his voice was little more than a hushed whisper.
She slowly lowered her gaze from the stars to meet his emerald eyes, yet at the same time she seemed to look straight throug
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Dreams, Regrets, Dragonhawks
Clouds of dust choked out the blazing sun as the new tenuous alliance between the Horde and the Knights of the Ebon Blade fought to drive back the Lich King’s scourge forces. Those Death Knights who now rode under the new banner, free of the Lich King’s control struggled to find their place in a new world. They were trapped between life and death, remembering their old lives, but unable to step back into them.
The battle had been raging for hours and was beginning to take its toll on the beleaguered Horde. An Orc warrior was pinned against a partially ruined wall by a massive flesh construct. The putrid odor of the scourge behemoth filled the air around him, combined with the nearly choking dust and smoke of the battlefield, the Orc longed for the fresh, clean air of his homeland. Blood stained his battle scarred armor in many places, much of it his own as well as that of the scourge. A vicious blow from the abomination knocked the warrior’s axe from his grasp and shoved
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A Hunter's Journey
The warm midnight sky opened up overhead, glittering with countless stars like a bejeweled cloak. Wearily, the huntress leaned back against the large rock outcropping that sheltered her temporary campsite. Deep shadows seemed to cloud her normally bright emerald eyes as she sat scanning the sky, searching for answers she knew would not be there. Raven dark hair fell loose around her shoulders, a stray strand stirring in the light breeze; absently she reached up to tuck it back into place.
Beside her, the shadows cast by the flickering firelight merged into a form blacker than freshly spilled ink. Lying down at her side, the beast turned its own jade green eyes to her, a low rumble echoing through the massive chest. Reaching over, Kaisharra gently ruffled the thick mane as the ebon hued lion nuzzled her other hand. She smiled as she remembered the once tiny cub she had found lost in the desert, abandoned by his pride because of the color of his fur. He was a rare, pure black lion withou
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Of Dreams and Faerie Wings
The green plains of Mulgore spread out like an emerald sea under leaden clouds as another wave of early spring storms rolled over the valleys. Sunset was coming soon, although the storm clouds blocked any sight of the sun. Perched on a large boulder, the huntress seemed oblivious to the rain soaking her and the ground around her. Jade green eyes studied the distant horizon as she was lost deep in thought. Even her usually constant companions chose not to intrude upon her solitude.
The two lions watched from the shelter of a small house nearby. Beside them, the tauren druid also watched her friend. Finally, with a sigh, Mahenaska stepped out into the rain and walked over to where the huntress sat. Her warm amethyst eyes studied the blood elf as she approached.
“If you stay out in the rain too long you will start to grow moss like the rocks do.” She smiled, “What troubles you, Kai?”
Kaisharra turned slightly and glanced over at the druid. “Oh, nothing, Mahen. I w
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The calm before the storm.
Stillness within my mind,
So brief, then Chaos reigns.
Staring into the darkness,
My soul sinks into the shadows.
Memories drift by, like ghosts.
If only I could forget them.
The storm presses in,
Night wraps its cloak around me,
Madness lingers just out of sight.
Will the journey ever end?
Heart lies shattered on the floor,
My soul lies broken and scattered.
Dreams have died and withered to dust.
Hope vanished long ago.
Even Pain no longer calls my name.
I no longer live, but cannot die.
I have nothing left to lose,
No reason for being.
All that I have, is the dark.
That is what I have become.
When there is nothing left,
There is the Darkness.
Beyond the darkness-
The Silence of death.
:iconravensheart:RavensHeart 2 0
Shadows and Darkness
Shadows grow
Wrapping the soul in a cloak of darkness
Death flies on silent wings
Hunter, hunted, the timeless balance
Storms rage
Seeking to destroy the weak
Unstoppable, inevitable
Lightning strikes, fear spreads
Darkness reigns
Shadowed death sweeps the enemy aside
Dark eyes glitter with bloodlust
Cold heart holds no mercy
War erupts
The dark bird soars over the battlefield
Vengeance, Hatred, Anger unleashed
Havoc, Chaos, Death fly free
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You blinded me, yet I still can see.
You stopped my heart, but I still remember love.
You shattered my dreams, but I remember hope.
You silenced my voice, yet my heart still sings
You took my wings, yet I remember how to fly.
You taught me pain, I learned to laugh.
You showed me fear, I learned to ignore it.
You offered me sorrow, I searched for joy.
You sought to destroy me, but my memory remains
How very strange~
Only in the darkness of death, did I learn to live.
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Liwaen by RavensHeart Liwaen :iconravensheart:RavensHeart 4 0 Dragon's Eye by RavensHeart Dragon's Eye :iconravensheart:RavensHeart 6 0 Medicine Shield by RavensHeart Medicine Shield :iconravensheart:RavensHeart 6 0

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I'm currently working on writing what I plan to be a long running multi chapter fanfic series using my own OC's as well as canon characters.
Once its ready I plan to post it on AO3 (TheNyghtRaven).

What I need:

1- someone who is proficient in English grammar and spelling. This is an important one, my goal is to make sure my story is as good as it can be, not made worse.
2- someone who is at least somewhat familiar with the Starfighter Web-comic by Hamletmachine. Also fairly important, some general idea of the context for the story line would be very helpful.
3- someone who is 18+ since the content will contain mature/explicit topics.
4- someone who is fine with reading male/male relationships
Can't stress 3 and 4 enough. If you don't like it, don't even note me about it. I really don't need someone trying to read it then wanting me to change it to suit them.
5- someone who plans on being active enough to have at least a 24-48 hour response time regarding discussions of chapters and suggested edits/improvements

My timezone is EST(eastern US) though I'm also an insomniac so may be online at almost any given time. I do check DA pretty frequently through the day so should be able to get back to you within 24 hours.

If you meet what I'm looking for and are interested in helping me out, please send me a note. :) (Smile) thank you
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