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Insect Dragon

This came out pritty gnarly. I wont lie im a little burned out on seeing so many lizard dragons I mean they ALL look the same ... So I decided to go with a Insect dragon. I hope this inspires people to do some variations in their dragons.
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don't know if they told u or not but this image has been used to describe a Pyrausta on a mythical creatures site…
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Thanks for letting me know. It seems fine. Unless someone is making money off of my work without getting permission from me I usually don't have a problem if they feature my work for something like that.
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Good, I have the same thoughts myself but I would still want to know if someone is using it to make sure they're not doing something I wouldn't want my art associated with ^_^
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Wow, I've been writing a story about insect dragons for months now, and I randomly decided to see what kind of insect dragons people have drawn on devientart, THIS IS AMAZING!
Although I do love reptiles, dragons lend themselves more easily to being insects: six limbs, venom and fire (or flammable phosphate-based venom?) all covered in an impenetrable scaled armour... and the VARIETY of insects in the world is astonishing!
I love this dragon's expression! Your art is lovely, kudos fellow Draconic Entomologist!
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If you like this one check out the other one. I did one a few months ago as a tribute to the variation and imagination of creating dragons.
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I do like how you made it look like and the thought that dragons could be an insect species too.

If I think about it suggests itself that iinsect dragon might even be more likely to exists (I know how that sounds) but an insect dragon would be light and heavy armored because of the chitinarmor, many insects can fly fast and agile.
Also, there already was a time periode where big insects exist because much more oxygen was in the air.
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This looks really good! Perfect combination of dragon and insect :-)
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I always liked insect dragons better then regular dragons
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Your rocks never cease to amaze me. And the depth in the background is wonderful.Also, those wings are neat!
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This is so original, and is just awesome

Sorry, my comment isn't terribly constructive, but wow

Keep up the epic work ^^
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Thank you very much!!
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You are very welcome

This deserves a DD.
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I would suggest it or whatever, but I have no idea how ^^;
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you might like =Shinerai. He's got some really good looking dragons that he does. They're not all lizard-like, but most of them are slightly feathered.
I variate my dragons, although I haven't posted a non-lizard dragon. Unless you count a griffon, but I wouldn't.
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Me and shinerai did a collab recently. You can view our work together either in my page "The nobel beast" Or in his "Majesty" I love shin does a great job of varying his creatures.
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Haha, Oh yeah, I think that's where I started watching you. :) It's hard to keep track of these things. My brain needs little sticky notes pinned to it.

Well, I guess that must be why I thought that you would like him :D
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in-credible! amazing detailing!
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Gnarly was the word I was looking for...Great shit...
RavenseyeTravisLacey's avatar
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Lol, what's really funny, is that me and my friend were playing MASH today, and I ended up with a dragon for a pet. ...If that were true, I'd totally want this one. :D

It's unique, and intriguing, and the colors and contrast are unbelievable. ..The more work I see from you, the more I'm put in awe. You're truly an amazing artist. :+fav:
RavenseyeTravisLacey's avatar
Thank you so much what kind compliments!!!
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