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Ravensbreath Island by Ravensbreath Ravensbreath Island by Ravensbreath
I'm happy to be here on DeviantART - this most incredibly awsome website - and hope to hear from new friends and anyone with a comment about the little ghosties and their story.

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce you to ANNABEL LEE and her brother PERCY, two of the 9 Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle. The ghost orphan's story is a tragic one with their 'survival' depending on help from the 'living' children who inherit the island of their prison, RAVENSBREATH ISLAND.

Peril, mystery and magic haunt them all - the living and the dead.

Can the living accomplish what they need to do to help the orphans find a way to 'move on' before fading away forever, which is their fate - and still survive themselves?

That dilemma is only a taster for so many more questions, mysteries and intrigue is unravelled in the book.

RAVENSBREATH ISLAND is a fantasy novel currently under pen.
In the midst of writing I took time out to create the dolls, the likeness of the Ghost Orphans in the book.

Annabel Lee, the first ghost child to pop into my mind, has a penchant for singeing the other children's already tattered clothes. Her shy brother Percy appeared next then the others. The ghost orphans are very old souls.

Their website, GHOST DOLLS, [link] also at RAVENSBREATH, [link] shows how the dolls were made and can be ordered and made again from scratch, along with a bit of history about each one.

Owning an original Ghost Orphan of Ravensbreath Castle doll is a very fine idea because it will not only slow that child's demise down a bit, in its weird spiritual world, but its wee spirit will haunt you forever.

The main thing is I do hope you will read the book RAVENSBREATH ISLAND when it's finished. And do let me know what you think about it all.

I have been creating and selling whimsical and fantasy figures in various form in America and beyond for over 30 years - ORIGINALS BY LE [link] although the Ghost Orphans and their story have taken possession of my soul now so that's where I am found obsessing, discovering what happens to them and writing it down so others can know as well.

I thank you and the children thank you.

Please leave your thoughts we all want to know ;-)
Miyazaki-A2 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008  Student General Artist
I'm frightened...and at the same time fascinated. :wow:
TuAjLaJt Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2007
this drawing is absolutly amazing. One of the best drawings i've seen on dA. great job! :hug:
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November 1, 2007
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