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Personal Wand

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This is my personal wand for specific spells that I write.

It is crafted from a stick of rowan wood I found on a nature walk when I was a child (it was fallen already), and used it plainly then. About a month or so ago I fashioned it with more details that you now see. It still has room for more additions, but for now I am comfortable with it.

Detailed description

I always thought that the stick itself was perfect in shape, all except the giant crack it had-- though the crack never grew over time. When I was younger I never gave much thought to the wood, and only a couple years ago did I learn of rowan's magical properties.

Rowan is a popular wood used in crafting wands, because it is said to increase psychic energies.

I used a clear crystal quartz because the stone is commonly seen as a "receptive" stone, used to focus and stimulate psychic planes.

I used silver instead of copper wire because silver in its purest state is a much better conductor than copper, although this particular wire only has trace amounts of silver. Silver is also heavily attributed as my birth metal, and thus becomes a much better conductor to my own energies.

The wand is also anointed with sandalwood essential oil, to further increase the psychic vibes.
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Mine is a branch of Royal Poinciana, which, as far as I know, doesn't have any particular properties, but that's one of the plants that's always been in my life (besides hibiscus and baby's breath and a type of fern, but those branches are a bit flimsy for a wand) so I made my wand from that. I peeled off the bark and sanded it down in some places. I carved a few runes in some places, can't remember right now which runes. Then I rubbed some ashes into the wood, the ashes were from incense and a burnt wish written on a paper crane. Then I wrapped a leather strap around the bottom and wrapped a hemp cord to ensure it stayed.

I'll take a picture later.
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sounds lovely! Can't wait to see it =)