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Springtime Pegasi

And here we observe the young pegasi in spring time, compelled by instincts to fluff up their feathers and chests to show off their plumage in the traditional display to attract possible mates. Seeking to the perfect spots to display themselves, to the great dismay of any owners of bird baths and alike.

I regret nothing.

Had some headcanon discussions going on on tumblr, leading into pony mating traditions and stuff. Starting off with me wanting to spread the headcanon that pegasi can go full birdbrain mode in springtime. When we hear and see them birds going nuts in display to attract a mate and celebrate spring, I can't help but imagine same for pegasi. Poofing up their feathers and chest, for some even subconsciously, showing off their plumage in displays for ant possible mates or the significant other they already got.
For young teen it's harder because their already hormone driven bodies just refuse to listen to reason, creating the origin of the unwilling wing boner.

For earth ponies they got more control over themselves in springtime, although they do enjoy to ran rampage and kick and buck playfully like crazy, rolling around in the dirt in celebration of springtime, when thinking nopony is watching.
All while unicorns go "wtf is wrong with you ponies?" just not getting it :iconteheplz:

I just want more birdbrain jokes on pegasi to spread. Come on peeps! It's fun!


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Great when the owner saw Thunderlane and his friends they took off after he got a broom

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Hahahahaha! :D :squee:

Brilliant! Just brilliant.

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Rocking robin........SCRAM!!!!!!!
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Had the thought of the unicorn being replaced with
Oscar the grouch.
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After seeing this, I headcanon that earth ponies just show off to each other with feats of strength. Unicorns would just charge at each other with their horns, no magic.
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Oh yes, I can see that ^^

Some people suggested the unicorn mares might act a bit more like deers. Seeking out good shrubbery and other shelter, like the kind deers seek out to have their youngs in until they can walk with them.
But yeah, I can see unicorn stallions charge at anything that could look like a challenger if not in control of instincts XD
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I think the unicorns would be the most violent of the three races. 
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Maybe more just show than actual real stabbing.
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well, they wouldn't actually stab each other, but they would fight.
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If not in control of their instincts :P
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Of course modern unicorns pride themselves to be so very more sophisticated. Although I'm sure any of the tribes rather consider themselves above those who fall victim to their lower instincts. Why pegasi who get 'wing boners' get teased and alike.
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I should see this on discovery channel
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I'm now imagining springtime in Ponyville.
All the Pegasus Mares bathing in the town fountain,
while the Pegasus Stallions are strutting around, performing a mating dance around the fountain
and a quartet of stallions are sitting atop the statue of the fountain performing a mating song

Unicorns and Earth ponies are various mixes of confused, flustered, embarrassed, amused
Mothers are trying to hide the eyes of their foals, fillies, and colts.
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Eeeyup, that's my idea of spring in Ponyville X3
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