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Puffy the Prime

By Ravenpuff
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Loo and behold, I needed another sketch book cover once again.

Going old school with what I like to call "Puffy Prime", the original Puffy sona design. Wiiith a few twists to better fit my current vision of her today. This silly bug that became my avatar online and the base design used for other incarnations made over time during fandom jumping.

Uncurled the antennae a bit, I've skipped the eyelashes several sonas ago, and changed the base hair do a bit. As well as the logo I used as signature got a makeover into something less restricting.

That said, even before I skipped from IZ sona to MLP sona, I had been considering changing Puffy Prime up much further. If I get back into IZ again for reals, I very much might do it. Been wanting a Vortian sona since back then, just never felt I figured out a satisfying Vortian version of Puffy. We'll see, if I find the time to work something out, before IZ dies again.

Anyways, enjoy!

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Mods may change form, but exhaustion is always a constant companion. <w>
Great seein the original Irkmod form again :D
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Sure is =D

She is never truly gone, as long we remember in our hearts :dummy:
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There's our crazy little Danish girl.
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that's our girl *pats your head*
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Spacebug Puffy is best Puffy!
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if you look closely, you can see that this OC is tired too.
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If she is a prime then where does she put the matrix of leadership? 
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In secret places that she later forgets
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That sounds naughty, I hope she washes afterwards 
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she's an ACE with spACE
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a ver nice design, i like the casual.
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