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Pegasus Mating Dance

Narration by discord. As winter is wrapped up in equistria, Ancient instinct s ingrained since before the time of commander hurricane take over. This black coated Pegasus has chosen a alicorn felmale as his mate. Slowly the male inhales and procedes to inflate a bladder in his chest to show off his plumage. Slowly he will exchale to deflate his plumage , a robin like chirp is produced. The alicorn has taken notice our black coated friend needs to hurry in the distance I see a light amber colored Pegasus approaching. If a fight breaks out the female alicorn will fly back to her nest. Slowly he lowers his front legs and spreading his back legs to present his testi and wingspan. Based on the non flight extension of the alicorns wing's she is aroused. Soon cloppers and shippers will arrive to witness the final product of the black coated Pegasus dancing. DISCORD, what have you done to thunderlane! I've startled the female alicorn she will most likely attack I must flee back to fluttershy's cottage. I'm discord and this was a EBC production. .
- Comment from Equestria Daily too golden not to share.

Alternative title: "Are thou wooed yet, mylady?"

Once upon a time I declared on tumblr that the Internet needed pigeon inspired pegasus mating dance. It has now been provided and I regret nothing.
Also am excuse to finally try and draw Thunderlane, 'cuz I like his design. This was awfully fun to draw.


[Update] Someone honoured me so, by writing a cute little fanfic based on this. Check it out!… [/update]

Morning Glory and Darklight by Rosaline-Amelion  Moonlit Aura and Solar Eclipse by Rosaline-Amelion 

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This popped up on Pinterest and it made me laugh... it reminds of the whole Zeus thing from Hercules... he's a magnificent horse with the brains of a bird

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Yes good X3 Exactly what inspired me

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"go introduce yourself bud."

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Even though it says he's doing a robin chirp, I like to imagine he goes BWAAAAKKK every so often.

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I actually like this... backstory helps as well
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I noticed you kept saying people could use it as a base, so i did with full credit.  Morning Glory and Darklight by Rosaline-Amelion Moonlit Aura and Solar Eclipse by Rosaline-Amelion
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Everybody dance now XD
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The credit is all I require in return =D 
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Goddag Ravenpuff.

I don't think we know each other, but I recently went through some old archives of old flash work that you were credited in. And I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a few questions I have about this old, clearly abandoned projekt?

Btw I love this image. Looks positively derp! 
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Send a note with your questions then.
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Watch now on Animal Planet.
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hhhhhmmmmmm~ . . . I swear I've seen something similar before. But where? hhhmmmmm~ maybe it's in this video? hhhmmmmm. . . . :L…              Start at     1:41       until      2:10
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Ah yes, the universal mating dancing XD
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ur welcome by the way~! :3
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I dun know why but i kinda like Twilight and Thunderlane toghther lol
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They do seem popular together
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really? oh, you learn somthing new everyday
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She won’t lemme smash
Ravenpuff's avatar
Maybe she wants some blue?
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