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Pegasus Courtship Rituals

"Fun fact: Horses actually make something like that face. Its called the flehmen response. Its a response to smelling mares in heat. So this could be 100% true for pegasi."
- Wolfdoodler

^ That comment above only just made this 80% more hilarious to me.

I'm so sorry, but this... this just HAD to exist. It just had.

Once again I just copied another's hilarious comic and translated it to ponies. Just because it's HILARIOUS!
This one is based on Bird Courtship Rituals by SketchShark, who also made the About Merpeople series. Awesome and hilarious stuff, you should check it.

I had too much fun drawing dat face on pegasus ponies. Too much fun... this oughta be illegal. I don't care.
Anyways... ENJOY! And may this haunt your dreams.


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Poor girl isn't even a pegasus

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She has no idea what's going on

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wait, so what do female pegasus do in response?

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(='_' )

(, (") (")


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Hey thanks to your genius birdbrain tags I've sort of made a research paper on the whole idea from the point of view my oc. Who mind you is a pegasus too.

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That is absolutely amazing. If you can upload that as text posts here on dA, they can be submitted right into the :iconbirbistheword: birdbrain group!
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Non pegasi watch in terror-

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they just wanna smash
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You know i was showing this off to a friend and i just realized that me and my friend in RP's got a bar with 3 pegasi, two males and one female, and the female is an orny demon who stocks absinthe cuz of the amount of shit she's tired of.

That bar would be completely trashed by the end of the first week.
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Hope you don't mind. But I was inspired to make something for a friend thanks to the singing one. Someone did a photo edit of that for them and I thought he needs an actual pic; not something that was someone else's. So I used it as a reference. And yes I did credit you, I just haven't posted it anywhere.
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Hey, is cool, after all I did this on inspired by another source too…
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Oh nice! Here's the pic I did for my friend.
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:iconbirbistheword: accepts pics like that =D A group for birdy pegasi shenanigans
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This is too funny to not fav GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! 
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Just as planned >w<
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oml..I keep laughing at this x3
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