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Birb Season

Oh, look, a fresh art that's NOT yet another character ref. Whut ya know.

Another pic for the Pegabirb series that have gone through different versions and revisions in my head since the first suggested idea from Tyrie2001. Tyrie suggested a return of the old timer pony with bad eyesight feeding the ducks, still mistaking pegasi for ducks. Buuuut even if he had an excuse for a pony to go hunting, I knew most people won't read the description anyway and would just be more confused than amused. So I considered some other options but finally turned to continue Rare Find's saga. At least it's an easier joke to get if you have gone through past images of this series. Nice and simple.

I dunno why I enjoy drawing Rare Find so tortured among the randomly chosen background ponies. But he has a saga now and I'm entertained by it. I hope you are all too.



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All the other kid with pumped up kicks better ran out ran my bullet.
MetalBrony87's avatar
Rare Find has become Elmer Fudd?
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If they are lucky.
sErgEantaEgis's avatar
How can he hold a shell in his hoof? Or operate a trigger for that matter? 
Ravenpuff's avatar
How can any pony do what they do with hooves in the show?
sErgEantaEgis's avatar
The Pegasus Birb collection is a national treasure. 
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Yeah. He don't mean the bird duck. >w>
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That is all the warning you get.
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Not sure if quacking would make him ignore you since he's not after real ducks, or if he's far enough out of it to shoot anyway.
Overthelakepancake's avatar
eh, I'll quack anyway, tis a way of a pegasus
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That's pretty funny.
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Next purchase: a punt gun
CommanderCTC's avatar
A Punt Gun?
What he needs is an MG42 baby!
To make sure that he doesn't miss and can hit multiple targets all in less then 1200 - 1350 RPM!
bbasco2's avatar
MG42 is fine if you are facing a platoon of Diamond Dogs (I'd personally prefer a Browning M2 myself), but for dealing with annoying pega-birbs, nothing beats a 1 gauge punt gun filled with rock salt. =P (Razz) 
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Depends on if he gets away with the purchase of this one.
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spookled pegabirbs.
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