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Haunting pt3 - Let Me Go
“Thanks for the excellent meal.”
The young master nodded to his staff, as his empty plate was removed. The untouched plate removed from the side next to him.
He got up, swiftly pulling back the chair as the young lady got up on her hooves. Her eyes briefly catching the eyes of the servant clearing the table, whom quickly looked away from those pleading wells that felt like they wanted to drown him in misery. Nopony looked her in the eyes in this house, except the young master.
“Come now, dear!” His hoof on her cheek he turned her head to look at him. Smiling, staring deeply into her eyes with that look of his. Love. Want. Possession.
“I see you are tired, we should retire for tonight.” Stated loud enough for the staff to know it as well, a few maids rushing ahead to ensure the master bedroom had been properly cleaned and prepared already.
Resting against his form, he supported the young mare as they made the slow walk up the stairs. A walk taken so m
:iconravenpuff:Ravenpuff 4 11
Heating Up in Roan by Ravenpuff Heating Up in Roan :iconravenpuff:Ravenpuff 25 20
Haunting pt2 - The Young Lady
The old head maid had been laid off, her behaviour declared unacceptable. It was excused with her great age, the young master remembering her as old already back when he first learned to walk. Was only a matter of time before the age would catch up to her, he said. She seemed to have suffered a great shock, the young master paid for the stay at the sanitarium to hope she would be better to enjoy her retirement proper. No mare with ramblings like that could be well.
What few left of the original staff were either let go or simply became very quiet.
If the incident had affected the young lady, she did not show it. Anypony saying anything, asking questions, were shut off swiftly. It was made clear what was not to be mentioned every again, if they valued their job. Anypony laid off did not receive recommendations to take with them, some found it quite difficult to find a new position as words had travelled ahead to other places they had hoped to find open.
Music was back in the mansion, fi
:iconravenpuff:Ravenpuff 6 2
Haunting pt1 - The Young Master
Late night, the sky dark with a heavy cloud cover hiding away Luna’s stars. Every shadow one with the night, no light to reveal the silhouettes of what goes around when the light cannot expose them.
Including a wagon dragged by a heavy earth pony, trotting along the road only able to tell he’s on the right track still by the clopping sound of his hooves against the stones marking the path.
The only light source reveals his destination, light still burning through the windows as he speeds up a little for the last distance there. Eager to finish up and get home to the warmth and light weighting for him. He’s a simple pony, he doesn’t ask what kind of deliveries are needed to be brought out like this, all hush like and with no lights. The less you ask, the less complicated your life can be. He sure never asked questions about his payment, it was always enough.
Trotting the last few meters he can finally make the stop before the gate to the mansion. It is not the on
:iconravenpuff:Ravenpuff 4 2
Eternity in the Blink of an Eye
Day 5… I think.
Time has been difficult to track. The clocks won’t work; although I guess technically they do - they are just not moving. The Sun isn’t moving across the sky either. Everything is so quiet. I am not sure how much time truly has passed, I didn’t consider at first to keep it in check as I thought I could just undo the spell right after.
I first realized how much time had passed when I grew hungry. Had left my lunch, I was so focused on my experimental spell, it was easy to find. Then I ate Starlight’s part. I’m sure she’ll be okay with that.
I’ve tried to find out what went wrong. I thought I had it all prepared, but something must have gone wrong. It feels like a strange, alien world. Everything is so quiet. I wish Starlight could help.

Day 12(?)
I’ve emptied the pantry by now. No chance of cooking any of it, nothing will change. I made sure to leave a note, admitting right away that I ate it a
:iconravenpuff:Ravenpuff 6 4
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Roan RPG at BronyCon2018

Wed Jul 11, 2018, 2:24 PM
:bulletred: Giftart Gallery, Giftart Gallery 2, 3, 4, 5 :bulletred:
:bulletblue: Naughty-fics :bulletblue: FiMFiction :bulletblue:Tumblr :bulletblue: FA Account :bulletblue:

Spied that Roan-Pulp-Ponies will be found at BronyCon2018

Roan RPG table location at Bronycon 2018
Today I learned from :iconmh47e: that we will be at Table 419 in the Bronycon 2018 Dealers/Vendor Hall! So if you're at the con drop by and see me, Clear Skies, :iconN8Dogg5k:, :iconShoNuff44:, at Table 419!

:iconmh47e: will be at Table 419 in the Bronycon 2018 Dealers/Vendor Hall! So if you're at the con drop by and see :iconbaron-engel:, Clear Skies, :iconn8dogg5k:, :iconshonuff44:, at Table 419!
Them people running  the Roan RPG Project!

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