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Half Life Halloween

This year I decided to go festive with Half Life 2!
For a few people who've never played this game and probably think I'm a nerd, this 'lil creature is called a headcrab. To other gamers this is Lamarr lol

Have a spooky Head-Humper Halloween everyone!

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holy wow, this is amazing.
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Well, this would easily make me scream if i opened the door to that haha, well done
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I have featured this piece on my Facebook page [link] and given credit, I also attached a link to this page :)

~Blaidd Drwg of the TARDIS
[Admin of FB page "Having An Obsessive Personality"]

If you are abject to my sharing your work let me know and I will remove it. Thank you!
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Pretty awesome. You must have some sick skills.
ravenousdarkhart's avatar
lol thank you. Until the day I lose a finger carving :D
RiXOKUxx's avatar
Man, thats cool, mustve been a pain in the arse though. How'd you carve it out?
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Yeah it was a total pain in the butt to carve but at least this year I didn't break my carving knife and cut my finger open like last year lol
Lets see....first I traced out my design on paper, I had one hell of a time deciding what should be cut out and what shouldn't (I'm not really good at that). Then I think I pinned it to the pumpkin and poked my design into it (that wasn't easy O_o the pumpkin is arched and not flat like paper). Then I carefully cut pieces out. I made a few mistakes and pieces fell off but I used toothpicks to put them back into place. The Half Life logo is a good example of toothpick use lol it's all held into place with toothpicks since I tried once to cut thin slivers of pumpkin as support that remained attached to the pumpkin...all that did was break off.

And there ya have it :D
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That's better then I could do. <||D I'm lucky if I get a stupid face right, I can't carve at all. but, I love this a lot and you're welcome~
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That would really scare me if I walked by it on Halloween. I want to get the plushie, tie it to a string and drop it on people when they ring the doorbell for candy.
ravenousdarkhart's avatar
Lmao! I picture it slowly dropping down from the sky and plopping on someone's head, covering it entirely. Then they freak out and run around in a circle while it's still on XD
Haku-X's avatar
Thats such pwnage xD
Haku-X's avatar
Yoru very welcome :3
Ronin-ink's avatar
lmao damn thats Fuck Bad ass Doll, ya did one hell of a Job
ravenousdarkhart's avatar
Yay! Thanks, I'm glad ya like it babe :D
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Freakin bad ass yo...this has got to be one kewlzist pumpkin I've ever seen. Looks really cool...especially when it glows.
ravenousdarkhart's avatar
Yeah until it sank who knows what the hell it is lol
Explorer0080's avatar
lol least you took the pictures right...its still very cool though...and the lamda symbol is bad ass too. Gordon Freeman would be proud...then hit it with a crowbar O_o
Lily-L-Bell's avatar
.... I'm going to etch a lab retriever into mine... so there. <<
ravenousdarkhart's avatar
lol well then take some pictures when you're done so I can see....So there XD
Lily-L-Bell's avatar
My mom got to it before me. v.v
WatchaTophat's avatar
That second picture on the top looks awesome!
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