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The smell of the damp ground fills his nose as he rose,
The dark slumber of the tortured soul ends abruptly.
The whispering winds sing the mournful cry of battle to him,
The time to strike his blade again begins shortly.

Thunder's daughter ties her hair into a knot before her bath,
The sting of the water as her body cackles with energy in it
Silently the fears in her heart grew as the shadows emerged,
Her hand began to stoke the electrical conduit.
Inside she recalled the first meeting with the fabled chief,
The general with the eyes blood red,
Normally, her head is turned so easily by grace,
But those eyes left her heart dead.
Not out of fear or out of hate, but dead without him near,
This time it felt to her like no other before,
That fabled senior that broke her heart was a distant past,
Yet, the Prince's face was like his before.
Fated fable, casual con,
Intertiwned paths, and the journey there on,
Venus eluded the Prince to this notion before,
As she watched her best friend tumble,
The lonely, broken soul had shone a light in Jupiter's heart,
As he, his own, also began to crumble.

The years of waiting to begin the fight,
To protect his sister, his queen dragged on,
The meetings, the greetings, the broken web with the sea burnt pure,
Yet the thunder caressing his heart--
Was this fleeting moment the start of his promised cure?

You're waiting for someone to come along
You're waiting for someone to care
You're waiting for someone to carry you
You're waiting but you know she's there

Tension rose, as his eyes began the tell-tell glow of doubt,
The beast within want's to play, Even on this forthcoming day.
Learn to bite the bullet, to fight back the daemon,
Before the dark controls you until it all fades itself away.
Upstarters and vagabonds, the jealous began to muster,
The fallen enemies still lingered in the between the worlds.
But of this war beginneth, old lines would be re-fought,
The tangles that lie in his heart would cause god only knows.

As she lay relaxing in lue of herself,
Jupiter closed her eyes and began to see,
The vivid images of the path lay infront of her,
If her love would come to be.
The dark blue hair of her future son,
With the eyes mimicing her own,
Watching over his cousin Small Lady,
As she took over the throne.

In this image, a future she began to covet
Her mind began to tune into the dark, the creature with-in,
She too began to smell the damp of his location,
Watching the Prince battle to his death, to eternal falling.
Her mind made up, the future of her son depends on her,
In haste, she quickly transforms herself to join her love,
Running like the wind to find him, using the daydream as her guide,
As the woods he slept in began be surronded--
He clenched the handle of his gun-slash-sword,
Drew a finger to his mouth and began to feel the tip,
As Jupiter began to fight her way threw the trees,
With her new hand-craved whip.

His ears pricked up, as he sense the signs of others,
Hearts began to flutter, as he began to take his stance,
Cracking his neck and his toes, his shoulder and his knees,
She saw the shine of the blade at a slight glance,
Throwing her self across the trees, in the wood the birds did flutter,
She knew that doing this was her only chance,
Her heart began to race as she slowly began to return to that last time,
When she saw his gentle side in that slow dance.

You wonder what's been missing for so long
You wonder why you can't compare
The offers of this life will let you down
So take the hand that leads you there

The Prince scans her over, his eyes studying her so,
As she catches her breath, the circle tightens around them,
A small smirk, as he dropped the sword down,
"Well then, m'dear, let's get on with this then."

Humanoid figures, and monsterous foes alike stalk closer,
The ring of the trap begins to tighten,
As she scans the forest line, Jupiter hears the words,
"I hope you're not frightened."
Shaking her head as her eyes snapped shut,
She began to tune herself for battle,
He dropped his smile, stood still for a while,
Before he charged one with a tackle.

Sword and whip flew out in tandem,
Yet more and more the enemies appeared,
Biting and clawing, and even some gnawing--
The bloody process of protecting themselfs raged on,
Cursing at the tenacity, Ferocity snapped orders,
As he saw his ally struggle with her weapon,
"Drop the whip, it's no good close quarters."

Nodding at the command, she began using her best known weapons,
Her fist and feet made for fighting in this range,
Growling and grunting, the weight of burden dragged him down,
But with his back to the wall, they'd never win--
He'd rather bow out in silence with a frown.
The circle remained true, and soon they was back to back.
The Prince and Jupiter took time to catch thier breathe,
He turned around, pulling her to face him, blood smeared on his face,
Before surprising her when he pulled her in--
Kissing her hard with a warm loving embrace.
"We'll get out of this, now's the time,
I've been waiting for you, my princess divine."

Now is the time
To give it all you've got
Now is the time
For letting go
Now is the time
You've only got one shot
Now is the time
No better time than now

Her cheeks shone red as the final attack loomed,
The action and words he said imprinted in her memory,
As he clicked open the barrel of his weapon,
Loading his salvo so he could obliterate this enemy.
She charged up a ball of lighting in her hands,
Herself planning on disposing of these foes so vile,
With his weapon loaded, his wings outstretched,
Whoever sent them to kill him would face his defile.
Back to back again, the couple steadied themselves for this joint attack,
Wings against flesh, arms by the sides,
Taking hold of his free hand with hers, in her happy warrior bliss,
Time to end this part of the rollercoaster ride.
Simultainous yells of attacks left thier mouths,
In a thunderous, bloodsoaked chorus.
As in the dark she remained, her eyes so tame,
The bloody daughter of Horus.
Her plan to free her own Prince into his own body,
Upon the Lunar one's death was foiled--
One day, she vows, his strength will run out,
But first her heart she'd have to make him break,
As all the while, the daemon inside would relish such a feat,
For destroying the Prince was part of the plan to date.

The dust settled, with both Ferocity and Jupiter exhausted,
Smiling softly, he took her by the hand,
As they made thier way back to the lights of the city,
She remembered his face from the past--
Yes, before, he had broken her heart before they was reborn,
But, he was only a boy then, today he was a man.
She saw in him the strength that no other had seen before,
In which she had fallen in love with--
And he had fallen too, as the darkness that shrouded his heart lifted,
Picking her up, and carrying her home,
The past that caused him so much hassle,
Still lurked where-ever he shall roam.
But that doesn't matter for now,
It shall be put in its proper place,
At last, you see, behind the blood and prophecy,
There was a genuine smile on his face.
There's only one out there who has the strength
To hold you up from day to day
Only one can take you from this place
So rise above your fears and say
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Track : No Better Time Than Now by Nutritious and pool girl (An OC Remix of "This Isn't The Time" the "Tales Of" games)

Alright then. This piece. As you can see, it's about Ferocity and Jupiter. I've been sitting on a few ideas regarding them for a while, as, the later pieces in the story/end will pretty much see them together. A little reason to this, is due to in the SM Dub, Mako (Lita), always refers to the Senior that broke her heart, which I think was called Freddie. And, well, my real name is Freddie, so, great opportunity for a tie-in I thought.

I dunno why Mako has grown on me so much as a character in recent years, I used to be a big Ami geek. That name (or variations there of,) is pretty common in my life. I have an ex called Amy, my girlfriend now is called Amy. I have a cousin called Amy, and at least 3 friends called Amy. So yeah, Ami... not so interesting anymore :lol:.

As for the track, I'm a huge fan of OC Remix, I have all the offical albums to date, even tho as a rule I only download the tracks from the games I've played. The original doesn't have lyrics, but the OC one does, all of which are used in this track. All (c)s regarding them go towards the people who made the track for the album, and I thank you for such lyrics, and, maybe foolishly, putting them in a file on the bonus section of the album download. Incendintly, all pieces from OC Remix are free, so, if you want to sample so, try today! It won't cost you a penny, in court or in a music shop. :)

Anyway, this follows on from another Ferocity/Jupiter Poem I'm gunna play with soon, when I've decided what track(s) I'll be using.
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