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So it's been almost half a year since school has ended. I finally have my BFA and have yet again moved. Now I am here in New Orleans, working hard and trying to move on with my life. I have decided to update this site with some new works, things I have decided ok to show online. Mind you much of my work has been omitted as I keep it for my professional portfolio, and other images shown have been made for others and are their property for their use. Enjoy the more recent work. And take care everyone.
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If you haven't checked it out yet, I have a webcomic.

Subscribe my friends! Subscribe, new comics every week! Good Grapes!
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So I know its been nearly a year since I wrote something in here. I hope you all are still enjoying the work that I do get around to posting. New News! My new webcomic is now online. Check it out at Geoguys
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Its a new year at a new school, and maybe the new environment and changes in views on art has finally taken its hold on me. I have been looking more indepth into the surrealists their writings and where their ideas went after the major group of bretonian surrealists disbanded. This has brought me into more modern styles of art including elements of automatism. Now it has begun to affect my painting as well. I knew someday that with how i was progressing in painting it would eventually become about the paint itself, the colors the texture of the paint moreso than the objects i am painting. And so because of that the objects have become more obscure, going from straight forward objects in recognizable space to less representational objects in a more surreal and less physical environment. And so i have broken free of the representation art, and with it, the restrictions of how to paint allowing the paint to thicken and play on the surface, to allow colors to come straight from the tube and enbolden the image. So stay tuned to the site i guess and see what happens. It could be good it could be bad, but its all part of the learning process i guess. cya.
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New Fiction

Sun Apr 23, 2006, 9:58 PM
Just a headsup, to all my close friends I sent you a personal not regarding this.

So the summer has begun and i have been trying to find ways to occupy myself. And what better way to waste my days then reading, writing and drawing. While I'll still be working on my usual projects i have set for myself a new one. Inspired by the sort of free-association writing of the surrealists and some of the ideas and sensations brought forth by writers like William s. Burroughs, Carlton Mellick III, and Kurt Vonnegut, i have begun a fictional tale of the fantastic. A series of posted chapters from a set of memoirs. A broken and confused man sits down to write his memoirs and is confronted by the events that may or may not have happened to him. Taking on the style of a sort of Surrealistic Fantasy, Memoirs of a Simple Man Who Never Existed is a trip into the unknown territories of a man's mind. I will put up a chapter or two every once in a while as i am pulled into this world and drawn to write about it. There is no set plot, character's or setting, but merely the chance for my imagination to play unhindered. If Freud's ideas of free association hold any value, something deeper and more real will come to the surface. Hope you enjoy!

Each chapter of the story can be found in the writing section of my website, just click the brown WRITING button near the top.

End of an Era

Sun Apr 16, 2006, 10:44 PM
Another year over, another era passed.

Yes, another semester has ended, exams will soon be behind us and we all move on again in our quest for knowledge experience and many other things. Its kinda sad that I have to leave this beautiful town, my friends in it, but I am suprisingly optimistic about the journey ahead. A larger city, more to experience, more chances to meet interesting ppl, make life-long friendships and grow in the relationships i already have and cherish. This year has meant alot to me because of all the experieces i have had. The chance to teach, to illustrate a book, and to finally realize some of my own potential in drawing and painting. Its been a year of discoveries, and i am sure it will open the door for my life in the future. I know this is all alot sappier then the usual sardonic crap i feed you guys, but this is important and i had to get it out. I thank you all for your support in my evergrowing work, and thanks for a great year.

PS all my RDC buddies from this year and last! Those who still visit my site and read this, keep in touch, it gets lonely not hearing from you all.

15 ways to get glared at.

Sat Mar 18, 2006, 4:35 PM
Jeff Powers presents: 15 Ways to get someone mad at you.

(If I ever see anyone doing these around me I will kick them in the groin.)

1)"So you're a feminist huh? That's cute."
2)"No honey, invite the vegans to the BBQ it'll be funny."
3)"My wife is a sex object, I want sex and she objects."(ok so the only person who would get mad at this would be your wife if shes standing right behind u when u say it."
4)"Wow! You look exactly like this girl I saw on this site that required by dad's credit card."
5)Adjust the tint on your tv so that all the people are green, and insist to others that you "like it that way".
6)Tie jingle bells to all your clothes.
7)Spend all your money on Transformers. Play with them in the middle of class. If anyonesays anything, tell him/her with a straight face, "They're more than meets the eye."
8)"Bad cop! No donut!"
9)Bite your dentist's finger(ok if you do this, tell me cuz I will applaud you...sorry, not to offend but I'm an anti-dentite)
10)"I thought of you all day today while I was at the zoo."
11)"I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works!"
12)"Make a mental note . . . oh, nevermind your out of paper."
13)"Don't feel bad. A lot of people have no talent!"
14)I'm sorry but sexism is funny.
15)Lesbians can cook?(I thought they always ate out.)

Don't take anything I ever say seriously. If you get offended, you're an idiot.
So I thought i'd make use of this journal and the few that read it to do what i do best. Rant! Thats right, you can now laugh once or even twice a day at my hilarious ravings about the things and ppl in the world that piss me off!
This week:

Movie Goers:
Now anyone who knows me knows how much I love movies, and I am very opinionated about my movies, VERY opinionated. Now many ppl ask me what's the best venue to see a film in? Its question often posed nowadays, at home? or the theatre? well let me tell you something, its definitely at home. In your home you can kill anoyone who annoys you, they appearantly don't let you do that in public venues. What's my problem with the theatre going public? Probably the same things that are wrong with ppl in general. No respect. Especially no respect for me! Okay so we all know its not cool to talk on the phone and most ppl respect that rule(most ppl). But there are so many other problems at stake here. Many of which happen to me every time i go to the movies. My last outting was just such an occasion, so lets go through them all. I went to see Underworld Evolution, a film rated R for quite a lot of fantastic gore and sex. Oh man this would be a perfect film to take my toddlers to! WTF! Who does this you might be thinking in your clouded lil head. Well appearantly a couple who sat right @*#($ing behind me. Now I am slowly getting used to the fact that in an empty theatre the next person to come in(usually the group thats late) always wants to sit right in front of me. Now ppl I know I give an exuberant amount of positive energy and your life goal is to sit within my aura of power, but seriously....a huge bloody theatre and ooh i Want the seats in front to those ppl!! I dunno about you but when i am in a theatre i like to sit as far away from ppl as i can. Not merely to get away from the fact that the sound of 200 ppl eating popcorn(with their mouths open) which is nearly enough, but its mostly to get away from ppl. Ok now i'm not for the don't say a single word during a movie kinda thing, I whisper the occasional thing to a friend maybe once or twice in the film, making sure i speak directly into their ear and that only they can hear it. But more than that i think not. Now tell me this, have you ever noticed that in pretty much every film there is a moment. ok this moment in modern formulaic cinema occurs just before the major conclusion of the film, as the resolution is begining and most of the major events have occured. This is the moment when something happens to a character that the whole film has been leading upto. Have you ever listen to the crowd? This is the quiet part in the film in which everyone explains what has so obviously happened, as if the person next to them has not see the first hour and twenty minutes of the film building everying up to this moment. I mean maybe of the films were overly confusing and a few ppl were lost(tho i am sick of the annoying girls saying, what did he say? or what happened? or i dont get it) but sometimes its like so obvious, wtf where you doing the whole film...while watching the Passion of the Christ..."What? you mean he dies? why?" c'mon ppl, gains some brains or get out of the theatre, you're the reason they're  making idiotic movies to force feed to you, you brainless public. Read a book, learn something, and maybe we can stop another Scary Movie ripoff from being made. And thats the beef.
Well the year is coming to a close, and i am growing tired. Far too much work. I ceased work on a sequel to Surreal Estate as well as illustrations of Narnia, only because I have gotten a job as an actual illustrator and I am currently working on a book called A Pocketful of Mouse. As well as this i have been hard at work in my film classes and obsessed with a new series of paintings (the first 2 of the 5 i have already posted.) Soon I leave for a trip to San Fran, to study local art as well as take in the sites and get an understanding of their art scene. Then I plan to travel to New Orleans to see my folks for Christmas as well as get a glimpse first hand at the damage of Katrina and Rita that has so strongly influenced my new body of work. I'm sorry I havent updated the site much, i have been so dreadfully busy its been hard to find the time even to sleep. But I hope you enjoy what I put up when i have the chance. As well as some of those old faves still lurking in my gallery.
Well Surreal Estate is complete! The 7 part, illustrated poem has been posted in its entirety. Next up on the project list is a series of pen and ink illustrations of C.S. Lewis's The Magician's Nephew. As well as large surrealist oil paintings dealing with my inner thoughts, beleifs and even plans for a few based on the events of the recent hurricanes(my parents live in New Orleans). So Hope you enjoy Surreal Estate and stay tuned for more stuff!!
In response to a question I am often asked, especially in conjunction with the new Surreal Estate series. The subject in question is my stand on drugs. I do not use them. I have done things in the past I am not proud of, but thats just what it is, in the past. I beleive drugs to be damaging, and not conducive to a creative environment and they destroy the present being of your person. I do not judge anyone who has or does use these chemicals, in what ever form for what ever reason, for I have been there myself. My imagery, while lucid and bizarre, is not the work of drugs or chemicals but purely imagination. The concept of an acid trip to me is merely the journey through the randomness of our own psyche. Like Veristic Surrealism has always tried to do, it makes tangible images out of the incomprehensible dreamlike state so it can be analyzed. The imagery, the bizarre and at times deranged imagery and experiences of an acid trip, is always within us and can be explored without the use of chemicals. We have an imagination for a reason. There are just some depths of that imagination that we don't always wish to dive into. I saw embrace the dark, the bizarre and the strange, for it is what we truely are. Don't cease to be human.
I declare August art month, since i lost my job i have a lot more free time so this month i am gonna do nothing but work on art, everyday, to catch up for all the time i have wasted this summer getting no art done. So expect a piece every other day or so, i even plan to work on more Dark Child. Hope u guys still love me and still watch me, it will hopefully be worth ur while. lol
Hey everyone, I know you haven't heard or seen much of me lately, but I have been working out of town in order to afford some freetime and for school, etc. As well as that I have been busying myself for a big move into a new house close to school. While still in the paperwork stage, we are almost garaunteed this beautiful new house, and once things get settled in there, I am sure the art will roll, thx again everyone for your support and patience.
Wow 200 works! Its been great putting work up and getting feed back from so many of you, Thank you all very much, I hope you have enjoyed my work and will enjoy the many more ideas i have to come, much of my art has been put on hold for the summer, with a lack of time to complete my ideas, tho i will be puting up as many of my photos from my recent trip to the south as i can.  I hope you enjoy the next 100 works, thanks again everyone.
I'm here in New Orleans again, i have been here for about 5 days now, and my camera has been clicking like crazy, yesterday alone i took over a hundred pictures, so except hundreds of photos to be uploaded to my site at somepoint upon my return, if I have time! lol But I just wanted to give a shout out to my pals and viewers letting know wat's up and how I'm doing, Hope your all having a fantastic summer! Love ya!!
Wow last day of classes is monday, thats only 3 days away, well so its the end of the year, so everything is getting photographed and packed up, we say goodbye to the friends we have come to love and rely on everyday for the past 2 years, i love u guys, ur all great and i will never forget u, now keep in touch or u'll pay! hehe with the end in reach, i am trying to get as much of my work up on my site b4 i am off on vacation then to work for the summer, i wont be updating much this summer but i am still gonna try and work on things, paintings and drawings mostly, this coming week or so i plan to try and get some things done too, just to take a break from studying, ideas i have for the coming year, whatever it may bring are: illustrations of Alice in Wonderland and George MacDonald's Lilith, i also plan to do some tiny paintings, and maybe some more pen drawings over the summer, then wen i am back to school the big ideas will come out, i plan on a series of paintings dealing with censorship, voyeurism, and some aspects of dark human behavior we dont alwasy like to look at or acknowledge, its been a great year and i have learned soo much, but i have a lot more to learn, thx again for everyone's love and support, especially Sam my dearest love, and Megan, who has been like a sister to me, even tho we have only known each other for 2 years, and to all my other friends and family. Here's to the year behind us! and the year behind! Here! Here!
Hahaha I am at school i have been painting and drawing and just being a goof, and i have been here for over 24 hours already, and no sleep in almost 30! lol this is fun, but i know i shuldnt force myself to endure too much more, just go to one class and then off to sleep, oh well the painting ideas i came up with were interesting and hopefully i will get them on here soon, its all so fun, tho i feel really weird, which comes with this stage in the sleepless process, its all good, i am just trying to figure out why i am writing dumb notes and journal things on my site, oh well its something to do!
Holy Cow guys, over 2000 page views, i cant thank you guys enough for all of your support. I hope to have some new stuff up soon, maybe during reading week at the end of the month, but i am quite swamped with work and papers and all that stuff, i am still making art, i just dont have as much time to photograph it and put it up there, and those of u waiting for more of Dark Child or my other digital stuff it will be updated soon enuff, patience IS a virtue afterall lol, have a great February guys, and thanx again!
Well Christmas is wrapping up and I am soon on my way back home. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a wonderful new year. Hope you have enjoyed the art so far this year and enjoy the next year's work just as much. Come January I will have been with DA for a complete year. Thanks again for all your faith and support in me, Happy Holidays!
Wow its nearly december already, time sure flies when ur stressed outta ur head, hehe, well not ne more, i finished the last of my work, all thats left to do in school is study for finals and studio cleaning, which i did most of today, so yea, all is good, i am in a very good mood despite the fact that my legs feel like they are gonna fall off, so yea, this is the last week of school and with so little to do i am hoping to get some of my own personal work done (mostly more of The Dark Child) before i head down to New Orleans to see my folks for the holidays, i will be gone for 2 weeks so there may not be as much work this month, but hey theres lots else out there to see, hope u guys still love me and keep watching for new stuff in the next few weeks.