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Hold me by RavenOfBurden Hold me :iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 0 When I needed you most by RavenOfBurden When I needed you most :iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 0
Space and Time
Do I stop saving tea and coffee grounds for your compost?
Do I stop planning on you joining me for every trip?
Do I stop waiting for the next time we dance?
Do I stop looking for restaurants for us to try?
Do I stop planning new recipes for us to cook together?
Do I stop waiting to see you again?
Do I stop finding excuses to be in your city?
Do I stop working towards a job that I can take with me where you go?
Do I stop wondering how you’re doing?
Do I stop worrying when you’re out on the road?
Do I stop celebrating your triumphs?
Do I stop trying to hold you when you’re in pain?
Do I stop thinking of you when I see mac’n’cheese?
Do I stop saving songs to share with you?
Do I stop choreographing dances for us to work on when there’s time?
Do I stop trying to find ways to share your sweetness with others?
Do I stop asking questions to hear your voice?
Do I stop finding children’s films to watch with you?
Do I stop fighting for something I believ
:iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 1 0
Inactive Duty
I come home to beheaded bamboo
The air polluted with uric acid
It's a strange feeling
Coming home to your own death scene
Where all the tiny mistakes have gathered
To form a sword for you to fall on
I sit in doorways
I don't want to be anywhere right now
So I'll settle for being in nowhere in particular
I thought I was carving our love from marble
Along the way it turned to parchment
Flammable and easy to tear
I should have known I'd lost my halo in your eyes
When your bittersweet tears began to burn my skin
I can't change what's happened
No matter how hard or long I wrestle with it
But just maybe there's a way to reconnect these heart strings
Splayed all over the floor, dangling from my open chest
I only know how to tune them to your song
And I don't want to learn another
:iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 1
There are no tattoos
There are no tattoos because there isn't a symbol or set of words in the entirety of history that can represent what I am trying to convey.
So I will express it over a lifetime, in every mistake, in every failure, in every lucky straw, in every triumph, I will show you what I mean.
In every misspoken word, misunderstood gesture, in every well thought out verse and perfectly timed "I know, thank you, I love you, I'm here, you're welcome, hello and goodbye" I will show you what I mean.
There is no jewelry or even time piece as no substance is worth a hole in my body that didn't come from someone overtaken by such passion as to rip into me with blade or bullet, that I may be buried with only the marks of others and leave my mark upon the world.
This is my summary, that all defacements will be directed away from myself so they may live on to be echoed by generations to come and be more than my body can ever be.
:iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 0
Working for the Man
You're not picked because you can act the playboy well as the janitor
You're not picked because you can put two bullets through a coin at 1000 yards
You're not picked because you can speak six languages and read seven
You're not picked because you can use anything at your disposal as a weapon
You're not picked because you can seduce bureaucrats easily as women
You're chosen because you're neither unstable or stable
You're chosen because you're among the few that can be broken down and reprogrammed
You're chosen because when you're gone no one will remember you
You're chosen because you'll die for a country that has nothing for you to come home to
You're chosen because you'll sell your soul to protect the secrets and safety of your superiors
You're chosen because when a job needs to get done you won't ask questions
There's no pension because you won't live to retire
There's no holidays because the enemy doesn't take a vacation
There's no corporate ladder, no glass ceiling, no casual fri
:iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 1
Don't Go
Don't go there
To that dark place
Where many have fallen
And so few risen
Where the sun has never smiled
And even the man on the moon hides his face
You know it in your heart
The grave mistake you propose
A small price
That costs everything
Listen to your instincts
To the chimes in your head
That scream, let it be
Even as you look to the sea
And the offerings demand your attention
You cannot trust your burning ears
When the hairs on the back of your neck are standing
So hear me
Your conscience
When I say
Don't go there
Stay where you belong
With your feet beneath you
And your head on your shoulders
:iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 2
Allstate Poetry
I'm a random wind storm
I'm the key against your side door
I'm the puppy that ate your back seat
I'm a wild deer
I'm a filthy rich executive
I'm a teenage girl
I'm a satellite dish
I'm your GPS
I'm your lucky team flag
I'm a hot babe out jogging
I'm cold hard rain
I'm your son
I'm the fourth string quarterback
I'm the world's greatest douglas-fir
So get Allstate and be better protected from mayhem
Like me
:iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 3
Ex Fan Club by RavenOfBurden Ex Fan Club :iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 0 Monkey Lottery by RavenOfBurden Monkey Lottery :iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 1 0 Apple Isn't Evil by RavenOfBurden Apple Isn't Evil :iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 0
The Sweet Life
We just sit in the car looking out over the abandoned factory in the middle of the fields of yellow grass.  The dawn makes the waves actually look like amber and the factory look sad rather than just dead.  I look at my brother in his old trenchcoat and tailored suit, smoking a cigarette, not from nervousness, but from boredom.  "Let's get this over with" he says, opening the door and getting out.  I cut the engine and follow suit, our doors closing in quick succession, footsteps crunching over the gravel driveway.  There are already half a dozen black expensive cars parked in front and a derelict truck squarely left for dead just to the right of the gates.  My brother looks ahead as we make our way in, my eyes falling over the curves and white tires, the blank stares of the dim headlights.  You'd think at least one of us would buy a convertable or not the same goddamned black luxury four door.
Our footsteps are sile
:iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 0
Alignment by RavenOfBurden Alignment :iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 2 Red's Riding Hood by RavenOfBurden Red's Riding Hood :iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 0 What a Hand by RavenOfBurden What a Hand :iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 0 0
Just Reward
We traded the world
All of it
For one little thing
We paid with eternity
For just a moment
And suddenly
It doesn't quite seem that way anymore
:iconravenofburden:RavenOfBurden 1 0

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I turned 10110 today

I feel older

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