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asasdsadsa Party Time! >0ó

I want to tell a sad story

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2016, 7:19 PM
Hello!! Is me again, remember the case of few days ago?  leave the link to this drama. stolen work_my work

Ok, the author of that journal is :iconsubarashi-soul: the admin fo the Hatematsurifc, j
ust to clarify, another of her accounts :iconshukaku-andbijusfc:

Ok, this 
this afternoon one of my acquaintances sent me a link to this page on facebook.

The administrtor of that page is the same girl who trace the artwork of few artist on tumbrl. :iconmatsuri0w0: <--- this girl

Today at 2 am my deviant art shows me this.

Evidencia 1 by Ravenniia

She is not only lifting injuries by my name, besides she harasses my bills. And that in my country is a crime.

I need to let the evidence here, that you who are witness, can see with your own eyes, who it is that is wrong.

Evidence 2

Evidencia 2 by Ravenniia
I will leave the English translation of what she says.

I hate this imagen and I hate this dude (Raven=Ravenniia) 
in fact I think it's transvestite, she is not a woman) she hates MatsuriKawai but does this kind of things...
OHHHH NO YOU SHOULDN'T RAVEN OF SHIT!!!!! anti matsuri and she doing this shit? GOD DOUBLE STANDARS AND HYPOCRITE!!! you hater her but you use her as a base for your Sari bitch.

Ok, first of all, I leave the reference in the artist coments, and second, she is Shijima from Hiden, not Sari (my design)

Second evidence

Evidencia 3 by Ravenniia
Traslation: wath a creepy dude :$

Ok she now is taking personal photos to make fun about that.

Evidence 3

Evi4 by Ravenniia

Traslation: The overrated godness!! copy!! I know now why so many SariTard fapper, the copy of the useless god (she refers to Hinata and naruhina)

She is taking the art of :icongreen-half: :iconnarutorenegado01:
:iconseelenkaetzchen: to make fun of them

Evidence 5

Evi5 by Ravenniia

Traslation: why? and those tards of Sari says our fandom gaamastu take images to trace over.

that's the problem with only say stupid things before investigated the source. The author of those images are :icongreen-half: and :iconlila-flower:
both did a redesign of the images shown there. Green-half was a Matsuri lover before, but then I think she don't like her so, she start to do this redesign with her own images.

 girl is only defaming the name of green a lila.

Evidence 6

Evi6 by Ravenniia

Traslation: and they do again. (imagen where Sari is hug tessa): I can't find the original image, but she edit the gaamatsu pic on the right.

And I say this again, the author made a redesing of their own art. The image of Sari and Tessa is made with a base here on DA like the gaamatsu picture, don't say lies.

Evidence 7

Evi7 by Ravenniia 

Ok she can do all the anti art her want, but not with the work of other artists.
Masturi hatred has nothing to do with short hair in these fan arts.
Fan arts of :iconlila-flower: :iconlhobs: <--and she likes matsuri so don't know
:icondali-chan510: <---even she use to be a gaamatsu fan, now her own fandom hate her beacuse of that.

Evidence 8
Evi8 by Ravenniia
Traslation: Praise the Goddess! compare her with the mom of gaara. Overrated character, she is filler of the filler

Well the image of :iconlila-flower: just compare the words of Karura and Sari in the manga, but do the same with matsuri and everything is fine right? *sigh*Again she use the work of an artist

Evidence 9

Evi9 by Ravenniia

And finally here the reason for this journal, you know the theft of some days ago? Well, this girl pretends to be someone else on that page, but it's the same girl, I do not know if she has mental problems,I do not know, but here I will leave the translation from spanish.

 I find that the bitch of Ravenshit is humiliating a matsuri fangirl just because she do a mistake, she forgot the authors who gave her permission to edit the images, and the bitch raven says proudly that her fandom does not steal images, are you sure? most of the images that I presented are theft! Do not come here with your double standards and your lame ass.

And worst of all is that this asshole messing with the person, not the fictitious user who posted the traced content. I think she is Nick-Nack (she did not steal anything from her, just posting her image without editing)

And hear me whore, was not your complaint, or your sucking whores, who made her change her opinion, was a girl of tumbrl who speak very well with her and gave her opinion, she changed her mind not you BITCH.

Wow, this girl has serios mental problems, first of all, she refers to herself as another person, second, she say I am :icon21543185: (hell, dear god) and :iconpolishamyshka: was traced too, third, all fandoms do the same traces, my coment was :i don't know if my fandom do the same, I didn't see anything. Your "evidence" is just a show of drawings over a images of anime not other artist work. 
This is libel, slander, and defamation to my person, because she is saying it's me who is doing the bullying to her, when the bullyies are other persons, that in my country is a crime and I am take the cards on my hands.

And the last evidence.

Evi10 by Ravenniia
And she keeps attacking HER! I think that Ravenshit not understand or read that whore, (i can not understand what she try to say on the next line, her spanish is so bad) the tards of her READ, YOU ATTACKING a poor girl who committed MISTAKES as the ALL HUMANS.

These publications are from July, several months ago, my god, someone stole your drawings (you're a fake) you are still immature, she's younger than you, and you? asshole fo 30 years, surely you're single, and you are expose a minor and bullying hher for the all social networks, that is to denounce your person, for harassment child.

Ok, the only thing I do is post my journal with the evidence where her post the stole work, and the second thing is made a post on my personal account on face saying to all that person is the rudecopy cat from tumbrl, then she take down my post on there and is all, think the haters of matsuri are making her bullying and she thinks I am sending them, or am I with many accounts, I repeat, she is raising insults and accusing me of something really serious.

She's accusing me of things that she have no evidence, however I have the sufficient evidence to show everyone that this girl is harassing my accounts, my personal page on face, my tumbrl etc..., and insulting me and stealing the work etc ...

I will take legal action with all this, and all I have to say is, beware with this such of people.

Then, leave the message on my personal facebook account

Ok, es una pagina creada por la misma niña de las que les informe hace días, la de los plagios, el problema aquí es que tiene el derecho absoluto de hacer su pagina anti, lo que no tiene derecho es (repito) usar el arte de los demás, no solo imagenes mias si no de conocidos (otros artistas) ademas de volver a insistir en que le di permiso para modificar dichas imagenes, eso es calumnia y difamacion del derecho de honor de una persona segun la constitución Mexicana

Artículo 278.- Al que comunique a una o más personas, la imputación que se hace a otra de un hecho cierto o falso, determinado o indeterminado, que cause o pueda causarle deshonra, descrédito o perjuicio, o exponerla al desprecio de alguien, se le impondrán de seis meses a tres años de prisión, de treinta a setenta y cinco días multa y de treinta a setecientos cincuenta días multa por concepto de reparación del daño. si estas leyendo esto quiero decirte que estoy tramitando.

Yo no se de que este hablando, expuse la verdad simplemente y sera por coraje no lo se, reporto mis publicaciones (esta bien, esta en su derecho) con respecto a lo demas, seran los miembros del HateMatsuri quienes están exponiendola con dolo por ser cabeza dura y editar imágenes bajo CC, y contradecirse en todo momento, las pruebas son claras. Yo no tengo nada que ver en ese dichoso bullying que supuestamente le están haciendo, aparte del que ella hace expresamente a mi persona. Ayer mi cuenta registro su visita a las 2.00 am, y hoy me encuentro con esto, lo que me deja claro que no solo esta difamando si no que esta acosando mis cuentas. Por eso a esa persona quiero decirle, que mediante tu nombre real en tu perfil de facebook y las pruebas que me estas dejando, estoy levantando una demanda formal en el ministerio público de mi Ciudad (Ciudad de México) el documento se los haré llegar a las autoridades correspondientes en facebook y deviant art, asi mismo les pondre el documento para que puedan ver que esto no es un juego, lo repetí antes, puedes hacer todo lo que tu quieras, pero esas injurias, insultos y difamación son un delito, si eres menor de edad bueno, los documentos se le harán llegar a tus padres a la brevedad correspondiente.

Sin mas por el momento me despido aqui amigos, estaré ausente de la pagina por unos días para darle seguimiento a este caso.

Is juts in spanish.


text here



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