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Ill be posting more often and sharing more with the community. I want to engage and be more active in the community here. 
So come check it out!!  new art of superman, batman and wonder woman!

Together We Are Justice! by RavenVerseArt
I've wanted to do this for a long time but i haven't had the courage. I have had this account for 6 years and i never really engaged in the community here. I still feel new even though I've been here for so long. That's how I new I needed to change things. I want to connect more with my watchers and make more friends. I wanted a fresh start. So i made a new account and I hope all who are interested will follow me there. 

New Account  

I will be deleting this account in a few days.
Thank you for reading :)
My Newest Speedaint of little TinkerBell, check it out ^ _ ^ hope you like it :)
My first speedpaint omg ive been wanting to make one for so long and finely i did!. I hope u like it ^_^
thank you to anyone who came :)
hello everyone i will be livestreaming so if you want to check  it put heres the link  
thank you :)…

Raven Momoka by RavenMomoka
i will be livestreaming here is the link…
Thank you all to thous who requested me. i now only have 2 slots open but i will do more requests in the future, and if you comment in the description i will put you on the waiting list. :)
my chibi requests are now open here are some examples of my chibi's
Raven Momoka by RavenMomoka i wish by RavenMomoka
happy new year :) by RavenMomoka The Gems by RavenMomoka
so if your interested please note me :)…
i plan to do more in the future 
im know live streaming here is the link…
here is the info 
<da:thumb id="526914154"/>
this is my commission information and prices
i will open it soon

here are my terms and conditions
1 i have the right to decline any commission for any reason.
2 if you are mean rude or try to cheat me in any way you will be refused service.
3 the commission is for personal use only not commercial or business related.
5 if you want to post it anywhere i ask that you credit me.
6 i will only post it on deviantart and tumblur not for another purpose.
7 i except payment first then you will get your commission and if you diside to back out i dont do refunds. please order via note  
its easer that way . and i only use pay-pal
8 i dont design characters so please give me a reference.
9 after i finish your order ill send you a picture to check if everything ok ,then i will upload it here.
10 please dont send  me the pay-pal until i except your order.

Will do
Original characters

Will not do
And here is my commission form you will have to fill out.
DA usename:
Type of commission :
Character (s) reference link :
Background :
Any other details:

i currently have 3 slots open 
sorry i having been posting lately,I've been having some computer problems, hope to update soon .thanks for being patient 
Hello everyone sorry I haven't really posted a jounal in a long time (well realy everSweating a little... ) Oh and if you were wondering what's going on with my manga,i will  talk about it soon.back to the real topic.

Tokyo Ghoul .....amazing!! need I say more. well I will I, just love this sires its so unique and really takes a wonderfull approach to who really is the monster .(sorry if this dosent make sense) I just finished the final episode and It was beautifulChiyo Excited Icon , the animation to how they portrayed everything. (don't worry I wont spoil anything)I only wish  that they could of spaced it out in a 26 episode sires ,but im still happy it got an anime.That for the most part stays fairly true to the manga .And talking about the manga I here its ended .I haven't personaly read it that far but im exited to see the ending(but sad too) This hole sires took a new approach to shonen shires and I love every bit of it..

I world also love to hear what you thought of Tokyo ghoul the manga or animation :) (Smile) 
I need to draw a fanart soon
Hi, everyone I have finally started work on my manga "Duck Tape" I'm so happy and exited about it and I hope you will all read it. I will include the link to were you can read it below i will also from time to time ad a page or too here . I am so happy to be able to share my story with you all I hope you like it.

P.S. please be kind this is my first attempt at manga thanks 

You can read it here   read comic

I have wanted sai for so long but I have always used a mac so I couldn't get it ( they really sould make it for mac) but I forund out that you could split your hardrive to incloud a windows side, so after months  of saving money  I got a windows side and know i have sai. I don't know much about  windows but im learning and sai is wonderful(I will post something soon) 
So exited I am a dummy!