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some where along the rode i lost my sight by RavenMomoka some where along the rode i lost my sight by RavenMomoka
i was so consumed by the need to right the wrongs that i didn't realize that i wasn't standing on solid ground anymore ...

This i sjust a quick drawing of my OC Sin form the orignal story Duck Tape. sorry i cant talk much about this pic do to it being spoilers and all but waht i can do is 

 blab on about him if you like. you may have seen him in a few pics as a backround charactor, but he hasent really had any full pictures of him (i need to draw him moreUmi Talking Icon ) i cant really say to much about him but i will tell you what i can :). he's a very difficult character to describe . he doesn't share much with anyone including himself he likes to shut things out and focus on one thing. but that doesn't mean he's bad with people, on the contrary he's very kind and welcoming to those who suit his purpose and if they dont ore get in his way ..well watch out "because i doesn't give second chances Yato44  " yeah he can be very scary.
He has the power to open different dimensions in time and space, among other things. witch mack him a very dangerous person especially since he is the leader and founder of The Red door. one of the most feared and powerful group of spirit weldersTama Looks Icon . he;s very charismatic and a real charmer of sorts. if he wants something you bet hes going to get it with or without blood shed, thou he doesn't like to hurt people he is tips of person that will make the tuff calls and exempt the casualty and death on his shoulders .he's a very haunted man in many deferent ways ,by ether the ghosts of his past of the soon to be deaths of the future. be he will accept it all and continue with a smile on his face as the world disappears around him. . end of my reandom OC stuff

sorry if that wasn't interesting i test to ramble sometimes ,anyway i hope you like it :)
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January 20, 2015
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