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Group for all raven lovers!
Do You like this birds and their mystic look?
Then go ahead and find a place in this group!

You can submit all kind of works! Starting from photography, digital and traditional art, ending on prose and poetry!
We accept dark, mystic and scary works of this beautiful birds!
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Extra News!

Hi there! :heart:
This place is made for extra news about Our beautiful birds!
If You have some cool and interesting information just write a note to me or Co-Founder! :heart:


Basic information about Raven's! :jsenn:

Raven (Corvus corax) is a big, black bird most frequently living in North Europe and North America.
Raven is the most common member of the genus Corvus. This bird like to eat everything, this is really helpful because he can find food everywhere. The most popular things are: berries, carcass, bugs, small amphibia and sometimes rodents.
Ravens live 10-15 years on freedom. This birds are very sociable in their youth but old chap's are happy with their only partner :heart: Couple is together to the end of their life's :heart:
This bird's are very intelligent but also they don't trust people.

:bulletblack: White-necked Raven
:bulletblack: Common Raven
:bulletblack: Forest Raven
:bulletblack: Thick-billed Raven
:bulletblack: Dwarf Raven
:bulletblack: Chihuahuan Raven
:bulletblack: Little Raven
:bulletblack: Fan-tailed Raven
:bulletblack: Brown-necked Raven

Basic information about Crow's! :jsenn:

Crow's (Corvus cornix) are large passerine birds form the genus Corvus. They are smaller than Raven's and not always so black. Their plumage is more charcoal and sometimes white with black. They live in Europe, Cyprus, Asia, Egypt, Canada, Indonesia, Norway, Sicily, Iraq and many more countries. This bird is more comfortable with human and like to fly around the cities. Like Ravens, also this birds are making couples for all life :heart:

:bulletblack: Pied Crow
:bulletblack: Little Crow
:bulletblack: Cape Crow
:bulletblack: Northwestern Crow
:bulletblack: American Crow
:bulletblack: Carrion Crow
:bulletblack: Mesopotamian Crow
:bulletblack: Hooded Crow
:bulletblack: Eastern Carrion Crow
:bulletblack: Slender-billed Crow
:bulletblack: Flores Crow
:bulletblack: Brown-headed Crow
:bulletblack: Tamaulipas Crow
:bulletblack: Jamaican Crow
:bulletblack: Mariana Crow
:bulletblack: White-necked Crow
:bulletblack: Large-billed Crow, and many more!

Gallery Folders

Totem by aloner777
Laszlo's  Crows by digit-Ds
crows by YargoElster
Lord of the forest   - book cover available by Consuelo-Parra
Corvus corax by Azraelangelo-photo
Corvus corax by Azraelangelo-photo
vespertine meeting by Attila-G
vespertine flocking by Attila-G
Danger    - book cover available for sale by Consuelo-Parra
Gothic Nights by KarinClaessonArt
New Life by KarinClaessonArt
Hidden Treasure by KarinClaessonArt
Digital art
thought and memory by wolfstly
Traditional art
Queen of Raven by dessinateur777
5fcb5751 by wolfstly
Neon squawk boi by xHideFromTheSunx
Prose and Poetry
Visiteur Timide by DVanDyk
People - Ravens
Untitled by Ravendumm
Untitled by Ravendumm
Crow Genealogy - 01 Cacalotl by Shi-Gu
Other arts
steampunk teslapunk shamanic raven skull by omegaptera
Purple heart raven by omegaptera
Black gore by omegaptera
Rose Raven contest
dreams... by aloner777
Werecrow by Larhand
DA Tutorial - Raven by KABANOMORI
Fox And Raven by Nayalda
Hello dear Members! :jsenn:

You vote for the best work in "Rose Raven" contest! Here are three first places! We also have one honorable mention!


:jsenn: FIRST PLACE :icondiantha75: with "a rose for you my love"…

:icondiantha75: will get as a price:

- 100 points from :iconsaffella:
- 800 points from :icon33m: also feature in Her journal and a short
- journal feature from :iconbeaucyphre:
- journal feature from :iconbebefromtheblock:
- faeture in :icondiptych-photography: group
- feature from :iconlavolpecimina:
- feature from :icongreat-queen-morrigan:
- feature from :icondukeofspade:
- feature from :iconunleft-memories:
- feature from :iconisabella-hellsing:

:jsenn: SECOND PLACE :iconcrowtesque: with "Painting the Roses Red"…

:iconcrowtesque: will get as a price:

- 80 points from :iconsaffella:
- 400 points from :icon33m: also feature in Her journal and a short
- journal feature from :iconbeaucyphre:
- journal feature from :iconbebefromtheblock:
- faeture in :icondiptych-photography: group
- feature from :iconlavolpecimina:
- feature from :icongreat-queen-morrigan:
- feature from :icondukeofspade:
- feature from :iconunleft-memories:
- feature from :iconisabella-hellsing:

:jsenn: THIRD PLACE :iconcarcaneloce: with "Black Raven, Red Roses"…

:iconcarcaneloce: will get as a price:

- 50 points from :iconsaffella:
- 200 points from :icon33m: also feature in Her journal and a short
- journal feature from :iconbeaucyphre:
- journal feature from :iconbebefromtheblock:
- faeture in :icondiptych-photography: group
- feature from :iconlavolpecimina:
- feature from :icongreat-queen-morrigan:
- feature from :icondukeofspade:
- feature from :iconunleft-memories:
- feature from :iconisabella-hellsing:

ALSO A HONORABLE MENTION :iconbuilding-hp: with "Raven and Rose - Ode to Poe"…

:iconbuilding-hp: will get as a price:

-20 points from :iconsaffella:
-fav on "Raven and Rose - Ode to Poe"


More Journal Entries


Collection of talented artists who show Us the beauty of this wonderful bird! :heart:

Please enjoy and admire those works! :heart:


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Weltenweber Featured By Owner Edited Oct 15, 2020  Student Writer
Hello and good day to everyone! :wave:
I have a story about a raven if you care and like to read it:
In a school I was years ago, there was (and probably still is) a very special raven. Though I did not get to see it for quite some time, I have heard a lot of stories about it. How it was not afraid of humans nor all the people gathering around the entrances of the school to take a smoke.
Stories about how it actually stood there, amongst all the people, on the ground, sometimes hopping between the legs of those that were there or just crowing as if it would be talking just as well as every other person there.
Or even stories how it flew inside of one or the other classroom to just sit down on a table.
The first time I saw it was in the park adjacent to the school. There I sat down on the bench to eat my sandwich when I saw something flying right towards me (and let me tell you seeing a raven, something rather huge actually, flying towards your head is really an experience and at that speed to boot). It was that very raven and I was actually concerned it would attack me. But it landed right beside me at arms length that I could have touched it if I wanted to. Though I did not do that, I shared with it my sandwich.
That experience was such a unique one, and one that I am eternally thankful for, that I started to ask what this raven is about. Even the principal couldn't answer me. All he knew was, that the raven was there for quite some time now and, for its strange behaviour, became the school's mascot.
But for me, you know, it made me wonder, if it really is just a raven or if there was something more to it. A wonder (of nature) perhaps. Some of the few things nowadays that science can (and hopefully never will) not touch or explain. Just like magic.
And magic that was.
MoonlightMysteria Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Please let me know if this group becomes active again.
Saffella Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Sorry for long replay but I was ill!
MoonlightMysteria Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
No worries. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope all is well!
SulaimanDoodle Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
Is this a Raven only group? Can I upload other Corvids such as Jackdaws, rooks, or magpies?
Saffella Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, you can :)
WaveOfFire Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay Ravens! There are two ravens who live outside of my house and there so funny :3
Saffella Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! That sounds great! :) You are lucky to watch tem :)
WaveOfFire Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ya :3 one walks around looking at me while the other one watches at a distance yelling at me XD
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