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Published: August 3, 2017
The cabin groans as if in pain as the wind howls below it. The indigo sky glistens with constellations. I breathe in the cool clear air that lies on the lake. I feel calm here. I am comfortable.

It is a new day. The ducks are laughing and squawking in delight, and the loons moan in sadness on the lake. The majestic eagle is perched on the tree branch, straight as a pole. I am calm. I am comfortable.

I enjoy splashing in the cool, crystal lake. As I swim, I kick and stir up soil on the floor. The water is murky and brown now. I lean back and float on my back for some time. I feel calm. I feel comfortable.

The sublime and slick water is clear again after some time. The minnows are thrashing, and I feel their slippery bodies under my feet. It tickles a lot. I feel calm. I feel comfortable.

It is now dusk. The campfire is blazing, wishing to be its wildfire cousin, and the adults are chattering away like young birds, eager to fly from the nest. My attention drifts to the stars above. They make me feel calm. They make me feel comfortable.

I love the countryside, with its similarity to the wilderness. It is as close to the wilderness I can get. The serene countryside empowers me; it makes me feel like a wild beast. I love that feeling of the wilderness coursing through my veins like blood. I feel wild. I feel free.

I am now trotting on the dusty, brown dirt path. I love taking walks in the countryside, the wind seems to lift me off the ground. The blue jays are chattering like young children on the last day of school. The woodpeckers are hammering into the tall, green trees. I feel wild. I feel free. I am comfortable in this uncivilized environment.

The tall grasses are green with envy, as they can never be as free as I am. The sounds of nature encompass me, the chirping of birds, the wind howling and moaning, with the branches of the green trees creaking and squeaking. I feel empowered. I feel wild. I feel free. I am comfortable.

The sun is now descending over the horizon, it’s scarlet blaze illuminating all it touches. The trees are now gilded with the light of the sky. The birds and beasts are silent, except for the moaning of the loon. The wind howls in pain, and the cabin groans and moans. I am comfortable here. I feel calm.
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A school assignment. We were supposed to write a descriptive essay. 
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