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old pier


old pier

the fog rolls out taking with it the memory of water cresting waves and endless depths a standing anchor beached against an old pier too worn to hold the lines of boats but not nostalgia




that mirror into the soul reflects pieces of you back at me promises steeped in nightshade while I lay here watching the world go by at peace in my solitude with the knowledge that only this is real and the memory of your touch is a warning against the pages of a torn diary

glittering garnets


glittering garnets

child of the first month your crystal hues reflect life glittering garnets

double entendre


double entendre

I got my sense of humor from Shakespeare and Mulder wordplay is second nature (possibly first, but no matter) soaked in sarcasm and metaphor a game, martini dry so I'll play with you but you better hope you know the rules because graveyards are places where words never die

lush shadows


lush shadows

a fresh wave of darkness against the night sky in your eyes touched by lush shadows that never quite left your side




treading along rocky shores distantly reminded of seashells and saltwater and I wonder will the rivers of my body flow into the vastness of your welcoming surf




my healing powers are so potent never doubt my sovereignty all your accusations slide off me trickling down, medicinal water flowing into a bottle to cure the ills your defaming mouth spills into your own blood

sensually drawn


sensually drawn

I am sensually drawn to the feel of the elements beneath my fingertips burying myself deep in the earth rooted and growing flowing as water rolling crests blessed by airy breath dancing, burning, renewing flame sending signals of oneness to the heavens

bitter melon


bitter melon

the Milky Way churns with wayward stars circling distant planets and falling to the earth throwing dust back out to land in the spaces in-between sparkling refuse like the seeds of a bitter melon, spat into the universe

absent sea


absent sea

the universe reflected on your surface reminds me we're all one and I am so tiny in this vastness those nights when I miss you most that starry summer sky brings me to my knees with the absence of your mirror
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and when I talk

ink splattering in galaxy patterns

across arid parchment

lost in that last

star system

to the left

music flows

from between the spheres

leaving crystals

in its wake

sparkles of ideas

and twinkles of

another world



stargaze - https://www.kellogghubbard.org/poemcity

pressed petals, untitled, Love Note Number 154 - Pride Zine 2020

Favourite Visual Artist
Leonardo da Vinci
Favourite Movies
The Crow, The Sword and The Stone, Hackers, The Last Unicorn, Labyrinth, Stigmata, French Kiss, Mortal Kombat
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The X-Files, Hellsing
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, Nobuo Uemetsu, Enya, Ayla Nereo, David Duchovny
Favourite Books
The NeverEnding Story by Michael Ende, Odd Spirits by S.T. Gibson, Sandman by Neil Gaiman
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Neil Gaiman, S.T. Gibson, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare
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The Room, Final Fantasy VII, Echo Night, From Dust, Yggdrasil, Mansions of Madness, The Game of Shakespeare
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Playstation, PC
Other Interests
Music, Typography, Folklore, Mythology, Art History, Theatre, Writing
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Well, I'm back. Thank you so much for the sizeable swath of favorites and for watching me! I really appreciate it.

Merry Christmas. Bow. Red

Thank you for the fav!

Hello! It is very noice to meet you! Thanks so much for faving "Riverdaughter's Daughter" I am glad you liked it! 🐸💖

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I have an idea. Since I am not familiar with your work, we can do a link exchange, if you are interested. Show me some of your best works and i will show you links to some of mine. That will make it easier than just diving in blind since we both have sizable galleries.

If that sounds good to you. Just reply to this with a few links. ^_^

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I appreciate the recent :+fav: and support, dearheart!

You are very welcome!

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