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My Bio

just another artist trying to make my place in the world.


what programs to you use your digital artwork in?


Do you still do traditional work?

yes, I do even though it is not very often, I mostly use colored pencil or watercolor.

Do you do requests?

no, simply no. I do have the free time to do those anymore.

Do you do trades?

Depends on the artist and if I have time to do them. I usually only do art trades with artists I'm good friends with.

Are you open of commissions?

yes, I generally announce when I am open for commissions, but you are free to ask for commission whenever you want. how busy i am at the time will depend on whether I will turn down your commission or not. my commission info is on the front page as well.

Do you do tutorials?

no, because there are plenty of other artists out there that have tutorials on basically the same thing, but you what to learned something specific from me, I might consider it.

Can I use your art or characters?

no. period. not without my permission

Please do not repost my artwork without my permission first. Always give me credit and a link back to my site or my deviantART page if I allow you to use it.

Do not edit my artwork for your own images. There is plenty of free for use art and images around the net you can use for this purpose. My art is NOT free

Favourite Visual Artist
shim shimmel, bob eggleton, matt frank ,curelo carbal ,C. riese lassen
Favourite Movies
godzilla movies, the secret of nimh, watership down, the last unicorn, rango, spirited away
Favourite TV Shows
Avatar: the last airbender, bojack horseman, beastars, invader zim, samurai jack, ducktales
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
tool, nirvana, seether, disturbed, rob zombie, black label society, alice in chains, bush
Favourite Books
harry potter, eragon, the dragonriders of pern.
Favourite Writers
robert frost, j.k. rowling,christopher paolini, C.S. lewis, anne mccaffrey, phillpe pullman
Favourite Games
crash bandicoot, spyro, ratchet and clank
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
good old penicil, wacom tablet, photoshop
hi again, I am opening up for commissions again because I am really tight on money this month and barely have anything to spent on presents for friends and family for upcoming christmas. so if you want to commission artwork from me has a christmas gift to someone, I am open to that. I try my best to get it done before christmas, but no promises though, it depend on how many commissions I get. I'm open to anything expect for comic commissions, those commissions take me a long time and I really don't have the time to take one on right now. also I know there is a concerning trend going around where freelance commission artist are not fulfilling their part to do the artwork, they just take people's money, drop all contact with the client and never do the artwork. I am not one of those artists! I will ensure you I will fulfill my promise to do the artwork in a timely manner. sometimes the artwork will take me a long time to do depending on how detailed and complex the artwork is and if
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2022 in review

4 min read
so now that another year has come to pass, I feel I should make another full year review. I know this was a pretty bad year in the world as a whole, but for me personally, it was kind of meh. It was not that great, but it was not terrible either, it was filled with a lot of ups and down. I learned a lot of new things and skills, like how to storyboard and make an attempt at my first storyboard. I launched my own patreon this year. I know that might not be a big deal to some people, but for years I thought patreon would be waste of time for me because I was not that confident in my work to make people pay for it. At first my patreon did really well, but things didn’t really go as planned and interest in my patreon kind of died later in the year. No really sure I want to continue with it or not. Also I kind of started writing my story I hope to be published as a book someday, an actual original story and not just fanfiction. My summer was really boring again because I didn’t go on a
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no, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but in light of he new avatar movie out now I still want to speak my mind on a few things. Right off the bat I know this movie is going to a lot of haters because just from the trailer alone I know the movie has a very anti-humanity theme that is similar to the last movie and it ends up just being navi’i vs humans round 2. so I just going to say for those that are going to hate on people for enjoying it, just let them enjoy it. It’s okay if you don’t like the movie, this movie is not going to be everyone’s thing, but what is not okay is bullying or harassing people for liking it. What you might think is cringe to you might be enjoyable to someone else. Plus those that will really love this movie will mostly just treat it as a fad anyway, they will be really into it for a short while and eventually overtime just move on and the movie will be forgotten about, just like with the first movie. I guess the same could be said vice versa too, people
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Two character emotion

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