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Family Memory - The Perfect Pear

This episode moved me a lot! Was a very cute and sad story at a time, I'm not sure if at that age Applejack, Big Macintosh and Applebloom is when they separated from their parents, but it was what I thought and I hope you enjoy it!

Sketch: WP 002341st by RavenEvert WP 002342st by RavenEvert

Background by: :iconmatty4z:
Apple by: :iconjackiephantom13:
Pear by: :iconacrylicpony:
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It's rather lovely. I love seeing the whole family together.

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I hope you like this animatic. Plus, "Days Gone By" will be released this Christmas. I want to use this photo for a certain shot. It'll look dramatic in final product. I also hope you like the trailer too.……
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Makes you wonder what happen to bright mac and buttercup
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Aw this is so perfect! And little Applebloom is so cute! 
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Awwwwwwwwwwww, that's so cute!!!! I loved The Perfect Pear, it was such a sweet episode. I really hope Bright Mac and Pear Butter return in a later episode.
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Would be beautiful! That episode made me cry when I saw it, it was very moving! :')
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Why did they think that they were full apples, when they're related to the oranges?
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Hmmmm maybe they are very distant relatives :S
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One of the Apples married an Orange and in doing so, became an Orange herself.
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A real feel-good family picture. Are AJ and Big Mac around the age they were in the flashback episode "Where The Apple Lies"?
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Approximately, yes, I wanted to think that applebloom was newborn ^^
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I'm just glad you enjoy it! I regret the delay in responding, but I'm glad to know that people like my jobs <3 <3 :D
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do you take mlp request 
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Thank you very much!
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