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Hi there,

So as you may or may not have noticed, I've been mostly absent from online dealings. There are some things going on right now in life that are a bit... daunting. I can't go into full detail yet, but some of this ranges from the trouble with my tailbone (which unfortunately meant taking some weeks off from Pound Puppies and cancelling on Dusty's internet show) to probably-to-ambitious Christmas preparations. My mother was visiting for 2 weeks as well and I haven't seen her since 2009 so it only felt fair to give her my full attention when she was here.

As for giving you episode credits, its been hard adjusting my schedule. Now that I don't do them right after the new episodes air, I keep forgetting. I will try to get things back to normal, but some of you are wisely hitting up TheBiggestJim on Twitter to get these details.

In the coming weeks, I'll remain busy, but I'll try not to be completely absent. I miss talking/chatting with folks--brony or otherwise. :)

Below you'll find an up to date info relating to the last few pony eps:


MLP # 305: Magic Duel

Directed By: Jayson Theissen

Storyboarded By: Lih Liau & Marshall Fels Elliott (thanks to :iconsdknex: for reminding me)

* * * *

MLP # 306: Sleepless in Ponyville

Directed By: James 'Wootie' Wootton

Storyboarded By: Justin Nichols & Corey Toomey

* * * *

MLP # 307: Wonderbolt Academy

Aired: Dec. 15th

Directed By: Jayson Theissen

Storyboarded By: Tom Sales & Johnny Castuciano

* * * *

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Argh. I really hope things get better. :( Thinking good thoughts atcha.

Keep an eye on your shoutbox in the next few days -- I'm working on a little holiday surprise for you, Sibsy and your friends. :)
Raveneesimo's avatar
Thanks so much :hug:

And yes! I believe I've seen that now. XD You're so nice to us.
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I hope all ends well for you this holiday season, and that the new year begins even better! Take as much time as you need to get things in proper order in your life. We are not going anywhere, and we will surely be here when you get back! So enjoy your hollidays with your friends and family! Maybe take some notes for us, so when you get back you can spoil us with your holiday dealings =)
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While it's unfortunate that your activity has lessened, personal life should always take prevalence in front of the online one. I hope things calm down for you soon.
Tearahk's avatar
No need to apologize or anything like that. Personal things take priority after all. ^_^
Still, thank you for giving us the heads up, and for the credits. It's always nice to see who is behind some of our favorite episodes. :D
FiMStargazer's avatar
It's all good. You should spend time with you mom non the less. You don't know how long after she heads back that you'll get the opportunity to do so right? You don't have to put the world on your shoulders to please everyone. We're patient fans, and we'll still be wagging our tails in excitement when you get a good opportunity of time to do it non the less.

But yes, please get well for us! We all loves you, but wants you to get back 100% now!
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Hey we all have priorities, I believe your health and mom comes first. Here is hoping you get better and have a happy new year!
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feel better raven! Silly question do each of you storyboard artist have your own little style or mark you put into your storyboards?
Dogman15's avatar
Did Jayson direct all of the odd-numbered episodes, and Wootie directed all of the even-numbered episodes? I know Pound Puppies did director swapping every other episode like that when DHX took over.
BirchyEd's avatar
That's completely understandable Raven.
Things happen here, there, and everywhere.
I wish you the best of luck in recovering. Also thank you very much for taking a bit of time to update us anyway. (And still give us the episode Credits.)
:iconpancakeglompplz: We love ya no matter how busy or unbusy you are! :)
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Thanks for the credits! It's really cool to see that there is a huge number of storyboarders involved in the show and who they are. =)
Raveneesimo's avatar
You're welcome! Each of us puts so much of our own extra time, effort and perspective in to this job that its worth talking about it.

Structural things relevant to the story are usually out of reach with the limited schedule we have, but we control the eyes with which the story is received.
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And you guys are doing a damn fine job.
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Get well soon!

... you gots to admit though, "The Trouble With My Tailbone" totally sounds like the name of a Pound Puppies episode...
HarukoHoshiko's avatar
Best of wishes Raven, Thanks for letting us know what's going on. And thanks to you and all the staff for Sleepless in Ponyville. :iconflutterhugplz:
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Jim Miller averred that Lih Liau and Marshall Fels Elliott storyboarded Magic Duel. Is one of you right, or are you both right somehow?

Raveneesimo's avatar
Oop! You're totally right. I forgot that Lih stepped in for Kenny. I was wondering why there was a different presence to it.

Thank you!
sdknex's avatar
No problem! (I noticed since I’m keeping this list here.)

It’s impressive how you still notice these style influences in the finished animation. (I think I recognized you in some scenes in Lesson Zero and Hurricane Fluttershy, but that was most likely hindsight bias.)
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I hope you're ok.
Rex42's avatar
Thank you for sharing, and good luck!
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I see, you got a big schedule. Do what you can do :)

My thoughts on these episodes:

Magic Duel. Interesting

Sleepless in Ponyville. Good moral to it

Wonderbolts Academy. Not entirely impressive, I disliked the new Spitfire (yet she's probably polite, friendly and welcoming when she is not doing accademy things)
Predelnik's avatar
Thank you for spending your time and sharing us this info!
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