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Hope everyone's having a holly jolly new years. Bring it on, 2013. Now we'll finally say it like "Twenty-thirteen".. as in all of the popular sci-fi.

#309: "Apple Family Reunion"     ...directed by Jayson Theissen ...boarded by Sabrina Alberghetti & Dave Weibe

#310: "Spike at Your Service"     ...directed by James Wootton  ...boarded by Mike West & Emmett Hall

#311: "Keep Calm and Flutter On"  ...directed by Jayson Theissen  ...boarded by Lih Liau & Marshall Fels Elliot

#308: "Just For Sidekicks"   ...directed by  James Wootton ... boarded by Raven Molisee & Jocelan Theissen
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Do you have a favorite moment in S3? One that really stands out for you?

For me I think that would be Sleepless in Ponyville. But that's hard because Apple Family Reunion also sort of hit close to home.

I guess, the trying your best to make sure everyone has a good time, and losing sight of why they even come together, was a big one for me. I kinda lost myself in trying to make sure all around me got the best experience they could, till it wasn't fun anymore. Turns out they just wanted to spend time with me, and not so much see everything I had to show them. Thankfully, even when I screwed up bad, they forgave me and we ended up having a great time.

Though, Sleepless in Ponyville had that unlikely (even if we all wished for it lols) connection to happen when you find someone to care for besides yourself, even though they aren't related by blood. Being called Dad by accident by a kid you help raise as you walk away to go to hang out with friends, kind hits you like a truck. I am good with kids, and not a stranger to having to take care of those not my own, but to have one say that to me. Well, that was a unique and surprising feeling. I guess I'm the kid's Rainbow Dash, who'd a thought? I guess I never paid attention to it before, but I guess it wouldn't be all bad to have at least one kid before I grow old :p

I cheated, I said two things so I fail xD
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I wonder why the episodes are shorter than usual. Not being mean just wondering
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How are the episodes shorter? They're the same length as they've always been.
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Well the season usally ends at episode number 26 but this one ends on episode number 13
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because [link]

:iconronpaulplz: : it's too late ! you should have listened !
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I assume that was meant to reference that there are less episodes total for this season that in 1 and 2.
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Good luck with the rest of your work!
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Happy New Year! The episode shift is interesting, I can't wait to see how they tie-in together. ^^
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Despite the fact that Sibsy said the placement of 308 would make sense, I'm still mystified. Maybe 311 and 308 work well together? *ponders*

Can't wait to see the rest of the season and thanks for sharing ^^.
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Does "Just For Sidekicks" have a song sequence? My understanding is that Jocelan Thiessen is brought in whenever there's a big musical number (she did the "Winter Wrap Up" song, if I remember right).
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After checking the FIM Wiki, I'd say that's an excellent question. Wouldn't that be something!
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Have an amazing New Year! You and all of the peeps involved with the show! :D
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happy new year raven
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Happy New Year, Raven!
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Question! Does/did Jayson direct all of the odd-numbered episodes, and Wootie directed all of the even-numbered episodes? Was this true in Seasons 1 and 2, too?
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Bring on the Twenty-Thirteen!
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Happy new year! :iconflutterhugplz:
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Happy New Year, Raven~! :party:

I'm so pumped for "Keep Calm and Flutter On"! :iconfluttershyyayplz:

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I can't wait for 311!
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um, last i checked 308 hasn't aired yet
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That's why I put it at the bottom. They're listed here in the order they'll be aired.
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Thank you for this (again)! I was just trying to figure out who did Apple Family Reunion so I can heap praises of the dance/song on them via Internets!
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Dave Weibe boarded the song itself if you're curious. :) I wonder if he's on twitter yet...
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Well, I'll try to find him! Honestly that entire song made me squeal/squee repeatedly. I've been in the folk dance scene for years and I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've seen awesomely accurate choreography on TV. =D
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