MLP #'s 301 and 302: The Crystal Empire

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Airs: NOVEMBER 10th!! (according to this:…)

And for those who were curious it DOES look like the whole thing is airing at once. Wonder why Hasbro hates cliffhangers so much. LoL

Directed By: Jayson Thiessen & James Wootie Wooton

Part One Storyboarded By: Tom Sales &  Johnny Castuciano

Part Two Storyboarded By: Raven Molisee & Nicole Wang

Official Synopsises:

"A magical empire has suddenly appeared in the arctic north of Equestria, and PRINCESS CELESTIA needs TWILIGHT SPARKLE and her friends to find a way to protect it. While her friends try to keep the Crystal Ponies occupied at the Crystal Faire, TWILIGHT SPARKLE searches for the hidden Crystal Heart that is the key to keeping their empire safe from harm!"
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Soo... where is summary for s03? :3