MLP #'s 225 226: A Canterlot Wedding

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I'm sure a lot of you already know about this one... LoL

Airs: April 21st, 2012

Directed By: James Wootie Wootton & Jayson Thiessen

Storyboarded by (All Seniors!):

Sabrina Alberghetti
Raven Molisee
Justin Nichols
Tom Sales

Official Synopsises:

Part One!: Twilight's brother, Shining Armor, is marrying Princess Celestia's niece, Cadence.

Part Two!: Twilight discovers a dark secret about Cadence right before the wedding.

We split this up differently than other 2-parters have been split (from my understanding). Like I was saying to Sabrina earlier, we were all doing the types of sequences we're best at. The result is something we're all pretty proud of. :D

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I have to ask: I know Rebecca Dart was the one who came up with the insect design for Chrysalis, but were there any notes on the "base form" of her changeling army?