MLP #'s 225 226: A Canterlot Wedding

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I'm sure a lot of you already know about this one... LoL

Airs: April 21st, 2012

Directed By: James Wootie Wootton & Jayson Thiessen

Storyboarded by (All Seniors!):

Sabrina Alberghetti
Raven Molisee
Justin Nichols
Tom Sales

Official Synopsises:

Part One!: Twilight's brother, Shining Armor, is marrying Princess Celestia's niece, Cadence.

Part Two!: Twilight discovers a dark secret about Cadence right before the wedding.

We split this up differently than other 2-parters have been split (from my understanding). Like I was saying to Sabrina earlier, we were all doing the types of sequences we're best at. The result is something we're all pretty proud of. :D

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I have to ask: I know Rebecca Dart was the one who came up with the insect design for Chrysalis, but were there any notes on the "base form" of her changeling army?
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I don't know actually! I would speculate that she talked over the design with Jayson or Wootie before sitting down to draw the characters if that's what you mean.
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Oh, I just meant if there were any notes in the script. After all, given Ms. Dart came up with the insect motif, there had to be some communication in order to make the final "drone changeling" design look so similar to Chrysalis; I was just wondering if the script said anything about what the "grunt" changelings looked like in their own form.
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This finale was everything I hoped MLP would evolve into since my first becoming a fan, I thank you and the rest of the team for making my most favorite pair of episodes out of the entire series, it was truly wonderful (I listen to "this day aria" on a continuous basis, I can't get enough of it lol, and BBBFF was a very relaxing, heartwarming piece, and easily became my second favorite song)
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I found something to give thanks to the whole team!

[link] - Not mine but I hope you all see it with our immense thanks.
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Awe! Looks like something more to print and hang on the wall at DHX. Thanks for showing me. :D
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PS - I noticed a theory on the top comment of Youtube with "This Day Aria".

[They describe the moment when the camera pans up and turns to show Fake Cadance's silhouette/shadow on the ceiling]

DaRkLoRdZoRc's comment - [link] (Never tried linking comments on Youtube before, so here's the full text just in case).

"Pause at 1:06 at just the right time. The wedding veil is a transparent, tattered mane. The curve of the inside of her mouth dips inward near the bottom, giving it the shape of a fang. The three chandelier arms above and beside her head are the 'crown' of antennae she bears. And one of the aforementioned chandelier's bulbs covers a small bit of her horn, making it look like it has a bite or gnarled hole taken out of it....That isn't Cadance's shadow. It's Chrysalis the Changeling Queen's."

Coincidence? Or did you put that in there as a bit of (literal) foreshadowing? :)
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^_^ No prob.

I see by Jayson Thieesen's Twitter that he saw and got it printed out - [link] which is awesome! ^^ *hoofs it through the screen*

And lots of Pinkie Pie cheers! - [link]
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the result is amazing, like really amazing loved the finale
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Very happy to hear that! :D
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Ah, there were so many interesting tidbits to these episodes. Was it just me, or when they were riding on the train, went through the force field, and made those funny faces, was that a shot at the TSA and airport security scanners? Rainbow Dash almost looked like she was covering up because it made her feel naked (even though she already was). lol
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I'm gonna take a guess and say you got the disturbing sequences in the finale because there were some truly disturbing moments of the type which come in your episodes. Also, EYES @_@....

But that was fantastic. Although I wish there had been one more episode of story to really flesh out Cadence and Shining Armor's relationship with flashbacks and give just a few more scenes between. But still, loved it ^^.
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You might be correct on that. Ha. Depending on what you think is creepiest.

My parts:

-The Wedding Rehearsal (Where Twi bursts in/Is shunned by all & banished/B.B.B.F. Reprise)

-The Crystal Caves (Twilight discovers the real Cadence)

-And the "This Day Aria" villain song. First song that I've gotten to board and it was pretty intense but enjoyable. :D I did my board in flash so got to be pretty tight with the timing--oddly this sequence took the most of my time.

You know, all of the 2-parters could probably have benefited from an extra episode. I'd love to do a full-length movie if ever there is one.

I'm very glad you enjoyed this one though. :) Thanks for watching! :D
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Those are some of the better scenes of the episodes when it comes to the darker parts of it.
Also I LOVED the aria. The way the song is sung between both characters was a great touch. The best part I think was where Cadence is so eager to get to Shining Armor and she's struggling to get the mine cart going and we see Twilight's expression, how she realizes that Cadence really does care for her brother and right then and there she accepts them as a couple and helps out Cadence.

I think it's probably my favorite scene in the whole wedding.
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Awe... Thanks. When I first presented it to the directors, Jayson told me that was also his favorite part--well I don't know out of the whole wedding but at least out of the song :D
Kaloyan-Alett's avatar
You guys did an amazing job on the finale. I can't wait to see what happens in season 3.

Well really yall did amazing on the whole season period. So many little minks to the fandom, like Lyra's cutie mark on Bon Bon's saddlebag, them two being together so often, Derpy and The Doctor put together. Having Pipsqueak from the Luna Eclipsed episode show up, Fluttershy hiding in a tree, and DJ pony3's eyes being red.

I dunno who is responsible for all those things, or if we're just reading too much into them or what. But if they are indeed nods to the fans then thanks to the entire team.
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"I did my board in flash so got to
be pretty tight with the timing--
oddly this sequence took the
most of my time. "

Not odd. Normal.

If opportunity ever rises try to
get a look at musical board
sequences, "Aladdin, Beauty
and the Beast, Animaniacs,
etc" and you'll see that some-
times the boarding is so tight as
to be seen as animation extremes
for the 'tween animators. Layout
gets ticked because not much for
them to do if done tight enough.

"I'd love to do a full-length movie
if ever there is one."

Soooo...What your saying is...if
the chance arose you wouldn't
mind living near Burbank for
almost a year boarding an MLP
feature, if it couldn't be done in

Congrats on the year's work.
Raveneesimo's avatar
It sounds to me that you're being a bit cynical. Apologies if that's not the case--its difficult to get the proper tone from text.

I have always worked on very tight boards--this is not the part that's new to me. One of my favorite things is posing to audio which in itself is very specific. The difference here was doing it in flash, so I could take more into consideration (like the different musical instruments--cymbals crashing, bells ringing, etc). Controlling timing with an animatic is less precise--in flash I was almost completely animating things myself.

As for re-locating, I didn't seem to mind moving from Wisconsin to Vancouver for an indefinite period to work on a television show. So I probably wouldn't mind relocating for a year to live in my native country. :)
AnimationTyme's avatar
No apologies necessary. You're
right that it is difficult to perceive
proper tone from text. So let me
apologize for not using more
concise wording.

I was focusing on the sentence
fragment, "...oddly this sequence
took the most of my time." I read
your post in a way that seem to
indicate that you were surprised
by the amount of time it took to
do the "villian song" as opposed
to ordinary dialogue sequences,
as this was your first effort into
that area of boarding.

Most musical sequences, if done
well, consume more time and
material resources than dialogue
sequences, ie, it is a "normal"
thing to expect, and budget for,
[...if you've done it before.]

I totally forgot this was your first
effort in boarding such a sequence.

Yeah. I screwed up on that. My

On moving, some folks move once
and refuse to budge after that, for
any reason; some will move at the
drop of a hat after stating they will
never move again. Depends on the
folks. Didn't know. Now I do. :)

Good luck on Season 3.

P.S. On paragraph 2 of your reply:
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I want a movie and CD soundtracks. In theaters, physical stores, and MP3 sites like iTunes and Amazon.

By the way, thanks for telling us what scenes you did! But considering how much else there is, the other three guys (*Sibsy, Justin, and Tom) must have had to do a lot! Did your three scenes really account for 25% of both episodes?)
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Ooo...some of the ones I expected. Btw, that song *glee*. Daniel Ingram made what I feel is the most amazing song in the entire show and the visualization of it was fantastic. Visuals with music made something really special there, truly Disney villain song top level amazing. So yeah, you did a number of the creepy things I had in mind and really nailed them ^^. Bravo!

And agreed. This one especially I would've liked to have seen just a little more. But the best keep you wanting more.

Now I wonder who did Queen Chrysalis's design...

I hope there will be a movie (even if it's just for TV on the HUB or something). For now, I'm hoping they keep letting you all do more amazing, fun, and occasionally-creepy episodes ^^ *cheers*.
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Rebecca Dart did Queen Chrysalis and
Changeling designs.
majorkerina's avatar
Just saw that on Equestria Daily but thanks ^^.
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I'll be looking forward to well as the third season!
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