MLP:FIM Seasons 1 2 Board Artist break-down

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Wow.. finding out who boarded what on Season one was a lot easier then I thought. Just had to talk to Sibsy!


Alright so here's the list for season 1. I'm not sure how they directorial duties were distributed since Lauren was still in the mix, so here's *just* the board artists. Of note here is that the boarding duties were more split-down-the-middle than in season 2, where the Senior/Junior system took over:

Eps #01 & 02: "Mare In The Moon" (2 parter)

Tom Sales
Mike West
Sherann Johnson
Sam To

Ep #03: "The Ticketmaster"

Alex Basio & Kevin Schimdt

Ep #04: "Applebuck Season"

Sherann Johnson & Mike West

Ep #05: "Griffon The Brush-Off"

Tom Sales & Sam To

Ep #06: "Boast Busters"

Kevin Schmidt & Alex Basio

Ep #07: "Dragonshy"

Sabrina Alberghetti & Nicole Wang

Ep #08: "Look Before You Sleep"

Francisco Avalos & Mike West

Ep #09: "Bridle Gossip"

Sherann Johnson & Sam To

Ep #10: "Swarm Of The Century"

Tom Sales & Lih Liau

Ep #11: "Winter Wrap-Up"

Kenny Park & Alex Basio (song by Jocelyn Theissen)

Ep #12: "Call Of The Cutie"

Sabrina Alberghetti & Nicole Wang

Ep #13: "Fall Weather Friends"

Andy Bartlett & Francisco Avalos

Ep #14: "Suited For Success"

Sherann Johnson & Mike West

Ep #15: "Feeling Pinkie Keen"

Scott Underwood & Tom Sales

Ep #16: "Sonic Rainboom"

Alex Basio & Kenny Park

Ep #17: "Stare Master"

Sabrina Alberghetti & Nicole Wang

Ep #18: "The Show-Stoppers"

Scott Jeralds & Francisco Avalos (song by Jocelyn Theissen)

Ep #19: "Dog And Pony Show"

Mike West & Sherann Johnson

Ep #20: "Green Isn't Your Color"

Tom Sales & Sam To

Ep #21: "Over A Barrel"

Kenny Park & Lih Liau

Ep #22: "A Bird In The Hoof"

Sabrina Alberghetti & Nicole Wang

Ep #23: "Cutie mark Chronicles"

Big Jim Miller & Francisco Avalos

Ep #24: "Owl's Well That Ends Well"

Mike West & Sherann Johnson

Ep #25: "Party Of One"

Tom Sales & Sam To

Ep #26: "The Grand Galloping Gala"

Kenny Park & Lih Liau (song by Jocelyn Theissen)


Dave Wiebe & Marshall Fels Elliott


As I've stated before, season 2 was done with 1 lead storyboard artist and 1 junior artist paired together... ALONG WITH a shiny new Storyboard Supervisor, 'Big' Jim Miller! :D The idea behind all of this being to give the episodes more cohesion (I think.. Don't quote me!)

Ep #27: "The Return To Harmony" parts 1 &2

Tom Sales
Sabrina Alberghetti
Kenny Park
Mike West

Ep #29: "Lesson Zero"

Raven Molisee & Nicole Wang

Ep #30: "Luna Eclipsed"

Kenny Park & Marshall Fels Elliott

Ep #31: "The Sisterhooves Social"

Sherann Johnson & Corey Toomey

Ep #32: "The Cutie Pox"

Tom Sales & Dave Weibe

Ep #33: "May The Best Pet Win"

Joel Dickie & Emmett Hall

Ep #34: "The Mysterious Mare Do Well"

Sabrina Alberghetti & Nicole Wang

Ep #35: "Sweet and Elite"

Kenny Park & Marshall Fels Elliott

Ep #36: "Secret of My Excess"

Raven Molisee & David Dick

Ep #37: "Hearth's Warming Eve"

Joel Dickie & Emmett Hall

Ep #38: "Family Appreciation Day"

Sherann Johnson & Justin Nichols

Ep #39: "Baby Cakes"

Tom Sales & Corey Toomey

Ep #40: "The Last Roundup"

Sabrina Alberghetti & Nicole Wang

Ep #41: "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000"

Kenny Park & Marshal Fels Elliott

Ep #42: "Read It And Weep"

Raven Molisee & David Weibe

Ep #43: "Hearts and Hooves Day"

Sherann Johnson & Justin Nichols

Ep #44: "A Friend Indeed"

Tom Sales & Corey Toomey

Ep #45: "Putting Your Hoof Down"

Joel Dickie & Emmett Hall

Also deserving of mention is our Revision/Helper team which assisted us in revisions and clean-up!

Nabi-Ah Youssef
Hanna Lee
Corey McDaniels
'Big' Jim Miller

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I wish make two episodes will be discord good guy by season 6 2016 and discord was apologize to fluttershy 2014 from twilight kingdom he said I'm sorry word it like reformed villain become good guy reformed mean after bad later become good guy discord was become nice from 2013
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Whatever happened to Sam To? The episodes he worked on are my favorite :)
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I've heard that in "Dragon Quest" Spike is going to have some conflict with older dragons. Can you please tell me who's going to voice the dragons? Is it Scott McNeil, Steve Blum, Kevin Micheal Richardson, David Kaye, Chris Sabat, Ian James Corlett? Who please tell me who?

Also, is Tirek going to be in the series? If you don't know who he is watch the pilot episode of MLP G1 [link]
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Any early world on who worked on "It's About Time"? :)

*hoping it's you because of your previous, fantastic work on crazy Twilight-ness*
Raveneesimo's avatar
I have just made a journal for this. :D

Not me this time. Actually its Sabrina and Nicole for this one. They were supposed to be the ones taking on Lesson Zero originally, but I got swapped in just as production was beginning. What a hell of a time-crunch that was. XD It was also back when we still had a 5-week schedule and I was making a 3 hour commute every day. UGH.

Not to bore you with details. I'm just reflecting upon how much easier things are right now. LoL
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^_^ I just saw. That's awesome too! I have a feeling it'll be a great episode.

And aww. But how apt with an episode all about running out of time. I wonder if some of that transferred cathartically into the episode. Loved that episode but I'm really happy to hear things are less stressful :).
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*world should be word* *embarrassed ^^;*
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Going on record here saying that anyone that worked on Secret to my Excess wins! Actually, any of the Spike episodes :D
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Ha ha! Thanks! I love Spike. Kenny and Marshall have one coming up called "Dragon Quest". There is much adorable Spike-ness to be had. :3
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Hi, this is a bit of a random question, and I don't know if you know the answer, but it's really important!

The dragon, Garble, who did his voice? It sounded very, very suspiciously like Sam Regal, but I'm not 100% sure and I can't find any voice sources on Wikipedia OR the MLP wiki. Would you or someone else happen to know?
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Vincent Tong, the voice of Blueblood and Flash Sentry, voiced Garble...
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Are you certain? Thank you for the answer, though! ^__^
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I will have to ask Jayson about that one! I don't have anything to do with casting. XD
Kirvee's avatar
Aah, alright! Well if/when you do find out, please let me know? I'd really appreciate it =).

Thank you!
I do not understand about the baby phoneixes, In the beginning there are 5 baby phoenixes that have the red body and colored feathers whereas peewee, spike's new pet is just plain orange and have tiny orange-like feathers, does it means that the 5 baby phoenixes have already been hatched for a while whereas peewee is a phoenix who is just barely born???
Raveneesimo's avatar
I would guess that they slowly change color over time.. the way black horses are white initially and the color develops over time. IF I HAD TO VENTURE A GUESS!
Well I do hope there will be more future episodes on seeing Peewee with Spike X3!!!
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X3 I really love new eposide is best ever! Spike is best drag..i mean pony! 0w0/
Raveneesimo's avatar
He is! He really, really is. :)
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I have a question about Dragon Quest.

Were you inspired from the first MLP cartoon episode "Spike's Search"? They have simular stories.
Raveneesimo's avatar
As I am not a writer, I'm not sure where the inspiration comes from, sorry to say.
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