MLP # 304: One Bad Apple

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Aired: Nov. 24th

Directed By: James 'Wootie' Wootton

Storyboarded By: Sherann Johnson & Emmett Hall

Song boarded by: Emmett Hall


"The Cutie Mark Crusaders are crushed when Apple Bloom's cousin, Babs Seed,
rejects their invitation to become a fellow Crusader and instead becomes a bully determined to make their lives miserable."

**NOTE: For reasons beyond my control, I can't post the episode information before the shows air any more. Please do not message me about them being late. Its like rubbing salt in a wound. **

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majorkerina's avatar
I have the inkling that you were involved in storyboarding 306 (Eerie and stressed-out eyes...). But if you can't say, that's okay. ^^ *Sends my best*
ShoStyle's avatar
This is gunna be gud. :)
Dogman15's avatar
Can we be told who storyboarded "Magic Duel"?
maxwestart's avatar
I was impressed. It was a good episode.
turboblazer's avatar
Hey, is it possible to include the author? It'd be pretty awesome! I'd like to know who to shower with praise.

Thanks for doing this for us!
Dogman15's avatar
The writer of the episode is always credited on screen at the beginning of every episode, after the theme song.
Sixcolors's avatar
The person who wrote that episode was Cindy Morrow (@orangemeerkat on Twitter).
Wesdaaman's avatar
You can at least review the episodes after they air.

Now for my thoughts:

So for my thoughts on this newly introduced member of the Apple Family, this cousin of Apple Bloom, Applejack and Big Macintosh; Babs Seed...she was...okay...with her New Yorker accent. I didn't get why she became a jerk, but then we found that she became one just because she didn't want to get picked on. I found her more tolerable afterwards
ArcCahlon's avatar
I loved the episode it was so adorable now on my 16th time watching it (I love DVR) best episode so far even if there was a few moments i thought you guys lost your minds lol. (edible clothing? really??)
Tearahk's avatar
I loved the episode. You guys really out did yourselves on this one. I especially loved when Sweetie Belle got covered in the edible gold :D
AnubicDarque's avatar
One of my favorite touches was the A-Team music during the building montage! So which CMC is Murdoch?
FiMStargazer's avatar
The song was so catchy and fun. I really want to hear a proper show stopper CMC song now!
Bunnygirle26's avatar
No wories raven :)

I loved this episode, it was great! I loved the story and so many cute moments and little surprises that just made my day.

Also thank you for doing a bullying episode like this. You successively showed that there is a reason behind things. Keep up the awesome work.
BlackGryph0n's avatar
This EP was ADORABLE!! :love: (Sweetie Belle drinking the milk shake did it for me. I'm now on my second life.)
Please tell Emmet that this random brony was quite impressed (and is now possibly diabetic.)
MasterClockwork's avatar
It is understandable.
maggiedroid's avatar
diamond tiara and silver spoon finally got what they deserve (or what i think they deserved XD)
now if in LPS Brittney and Whitney Baxter's largest ever pet shop is run out of business by the littlest pet shop
DuplexFields's avatar
But... then they'll be sympathetic characters! We won't have anyone to root against!
maggiedroid's avatar
yeah, but i would assume "oh now they're nice, but they're dad's gonna get the biggest pet shop up and running again so then they're going to be bitches again by the end of the episode anyways so at least they were nice just this once" :shrug:
19646's avatar
It's okay Raven! ^^
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Aw, I'm sorry to hear you can't send the letter reports information before the episode, they were always nice bits of news. Oh well, just keep on being awesome just like this episode was! ^^
Zexoguy's avatar
I think it was a perfect way to address the issue of bullying. You know, it's kinda funny. It used to be that in cartoons, bullies were just a common antagonist that nobody really took seriously. They were just a plot device. Now everybody's afraid to talk about them. But not you people.
TriforceoftheGods's avatar
That seems dumb since all you're posting is what the TV Guide tells us a week in advance :shrug:

But I know it's not your fault. Just keep doing what you can, no complaints from me :heart:
Dogman15's avatar
What she's being told not to say ahead of time is who the storyboarders are. Personally, I think it's unfair to her, and us. Littlest Pet Shop and Pound Puppies give individualized storyboader credits for each episode, but Pony just lumps all of the storyboard artists together in every single episode.
TriforceoftheGods's avatar
Oh...well that still seems dumb, it's not like it spoils anything.

I wonder if Sibsy will just post them later too, or stop all together.
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