MLP #303: Too Many Pinkie Pies

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Airs: Nov. 17th

Directed By: Jayson Thiessen

Part Storyboarded By: Sabrina Alberghetti & Dave Weibe!!


"Overwhelmed with having to choose just one friend to spend time with, Pinkie Pie uses a magic mirror to clone herself."
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:iconpinkieisexcitedplz:Fun! Fun! Fun!Fun! Fun! Fun!Fun! Fun! Fun!
That fake Pinkie explosion bit is the stuff of nightmares. What storyboarder/ animator came up with that?
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That pool of water reminded me of something in my fanfiction world, the Pond of Fortune
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This episode has haunted me since it aired. They all have the same adorable tails, the same adorable hooves, and the only difference seems to be a lack of memories. Plus, Twilight was pretty quick on the trigger.

As the climactic scene progressed, I was actually scared that "our" Pinkie would get distracted and then zapped. Even though she was the only Pinkie to know of the test ahead of time, it wouldn't have saved her if she'd as much as glanced at a distracting Pinkie.

Having her continue to stare at the wall after the others are gone is a perfect way to handle her being last, because she would have been literally scared for her life to look away for any reason at all, especially after Rainbow Dash purposefully made a distraction. It reminded me of a Final Four challenge on Survivor.

All in all, an amazingly excellent entry in the series, because kids will find it funny and adults will be properly creeped out by Twilight's lack of magical ethics - there was no reason to destroy the Pinkies, beyond their annoyance.
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As soon as I heard the synopsis of that episode I could totally picture Rainbow Dash yelling "Nooo! The horror!"
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Loved it! Such a good episode. Season 3 has really gotten off to a solid start!
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I haven't seen it but it's on today!
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...and soon the beginning of the apocalypse was born...
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All I can say is well done, it was a brilliant episode. :D
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my favourit part was
the paint dry contest lol
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If anybody didn't like "Feelin' Pinkie Keen" or "Over a Barrell" for whatever reason (not me personally, I loved them both), Dave Polsky just got a whole lot more fans.
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It was gently suggested by a higher up that I shouldn't post them before they air.
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They've got their hold on you.
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Tell me about it.
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I wanted a "Darth Vader Force choke" picture, but I couldn't find any, not even searching [link]
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i havnt had this much fun with a cartoon since i was little
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great episode!
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Was a fun episode!
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I knew Sibsy was involved, the ponies that Pinkie quizzed the other Pinkies on looked like her style. :)
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I gotta "hand" it to you. That episode had me "glued" to the edge of my seat.

Get it glued?! Anyone?

:iconpinkiepieplz::iconrarityplz::iconapplejackplz::iconrainbowdashplz::iconfluttershyplz::icontwilightsparkleplz: NO!


Though that G3 face still haunts my memory :D but it was oddly adorable to see her do that... though I call Gak on that ^^
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Such a hilarious episode!
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Absolutely epic episode. :D
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Why can't I hold all this fun!?
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