MLP #224: 'MMMystery On The Friendship Expres

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Airs: April 7th, 2012

Directed By: Jayson Thiessen

Storyboarded by (Senior/Junior): Tom Sales & Corey Toomey

Official (?) Synopsis:

"After a cake she is guarding for a contest is destroyed on the way to Canterlot, Pinkie Pie starts an investigation into who the culprit is, which turns into one of the silliest criminal investigations in the history of Equestria."


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That poor cake never saw it coming.
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I saw it yesterday and it's great! Is Mulia Mild based off of Julia Child? Mulia reminds is so much like Julia. :)
Love the episode but i seriously :iconfacepalmplz: when pinkie pie 's creative mind have come to life lols =/!!
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Seems like Sales and Toomey (when together) have gotten all the Pinkie Pie episodes this season ^^. They've made them amazing.
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The episode was one of the best so far :'D
So much funny stuff and a lot Pinkie :nod:
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:iconhoratioplz: That episode...really took the cake.
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Awesome episode! Thank you so much! I was not expecting it to be three of Pinkie's friends. I can't wait to find out who storyboarded the finale! Was it evenly split among four storyboard artists like the last two 2-parters? And are you allowed to tell us who the writer is, or is that something that should really be left for the morning of the 21st?
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I'm probably gonna make a post on that one pretty soon. I know its still a few weeks away though. :P

To answer your questions, yup! It was split up like the first finale, but we divvied it up a little differently than it was the first time. Instead of everyone taking one solid chunk, we all took parts that were similar in tone to one another (for consistency's sake). This gave us each *about* an act and a half worth of material.

As for the writer, for one, I am not a writer so I feel strange divulging that information so far in advance. Because I *am* a board artist, that's what I feel comfortable giving out. And uh.. also.. I *kind* of can't remember who wrote it. XD Its not intentional, its just that we unfortunately never meet them or get to talk with them. :(
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The two-part finale airs on April 21st. (Both episodes 25 and 26.)

You said "It was split up like the first finale." I think you're referring to the two-part opener for season 2 ("The Return of Harmony"), which was originally supposed to be the finale for season 1. We've only had two 2-parters so far: S1E1-2, S2E1-2, and soon S2E25-26. I wonder if Season 3 will open with a two parter? Are you working on season 3? You know there's a lot of worrying that it will only have 13 episodes, right?
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12 and a half hours, too bad we don't seem to get the Hub here where I live.
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That's a bummer. :P I have to rely on youtube myself, being in Canada.
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Yep I went with Youtube, luckily it's always on within no time at all. Was a really great episode, so funny watching Pinkie Pie being a detective. ^_^
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I am looking forward to this. Pinkie makes for some of the funniest episodes.
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She does! Tom seems to end up with the quite often and he's pretty great at thinking "cartoony".
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Gryphon with a moustache. This pleases me.
Raveneesimo's avatar
I laughed when I saw that design too. XD
WizardWannabe's avatar
I also loved the three vignettes for the bakers, especially the Gryphon's 20's villainous silent film, brilliant.
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It better not be her. That would be such a cop-out.

Unless it's Pinkamena as an alter ego, continuing the tradition of each season't penultimate episode featuring Pinkie going crazy, escalating as the seasons continue. (The fifth season Crazy Pinkie episode opens with Pinkie waking in a pool of "ketchup" as Canterlot burns.)
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Ha! That sounds terrifying! XD I'd be surprised if My Little Pony pulled a Moral Orel.
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Remember what Agent Smith said in the first Matrix? He said there had been other, more idyllic worlds the Machines tried, but our human minds kept trying to find the inperfections, and ended up crashing the systems. "Entire harvests" of humans were lost.

We're not built to accept a resiliant perfection. We're always looking in the dark corners, under the rugs, trying to find the flaws in a too-perfect world.

And yet, the most terrifying eventuality will certainly come to pass: the mane six in their canon storyline will live full, meaningful lives with rich relationships. After the show ends, they will probably marry, have foals, and live to a ripe old age before passing into the Elysian Fields around the same time as their husbands, not from tragedy, sickness, not dying too soon, or too late and lingering. And they will have known a good life.

And we're stuck in this world.

That's the terrifying truth we try to lessen by adding some of our pain to their world. That is a sacrifice we are willing to make, their happiness and hopes, to gain our human catharsis. That is why dark fictions exist, to steal some of the joy from their world.
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Hercule Pinkot is on the case!
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