MLP #223: 'Ponyville Confidential'

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Airs: March 31st, 2012

Directed By: James ''Wootie" Wootton

Storyboarded by (Senior/Junior): Sherann Johnson & Justin Nichols

Official (?) Synopsis:

"In order to become the gossip columnist for their school paper, the Cutie Mark Crusaders adopt the name 'Gabby Gums,' but when they land the job, their happiness is cut short by the pain they cause to other ponies with their hurtful stories. "

Sorry its late guys!I haven't been checking EQ as often so I missed when the extended synopsis came up. Just slipped my mind. OOPS! :P

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cbrubaker's avatar
Sherann Johnson seemed to have done all of the CMC episodes this season, I noticed.

Great episode.
Raveneesimo's avatar
SHE ALWAYS GETS THEM! Its become a little joke around the studio. And Tom Sales always gets Pinkie Pie ones (like next week's ep).
Dogman15's avatar
Besides Tom, who else did S2E24?
vomitresponse's avatar
March 31st was my birthday, so I'm pretending this is a surprise present from chance.

Also wanted to say you storyboarders are so cool. :D
Raveneesimo's avatar
Thanks! We aim to please!

And happy birthday. :D
Dogman15's avatar
How soon can we expect to know the storyboarders on "MMMystery on the Friendship Express"? (S2E24) What's your release schedule for that?
firewolfky's avatar
Diamond Tiara...SHOVED DINKY DOO! How dare she?
Raveneesimo's avatar
I'd expect nothing less. :P
majorkerina's avatar
It's really hard for an episode to follow something like Hurricane Fluttershy. Not my favorite but the background and storyboarding stuff definitely stood out for me. Kudos to Sherann and Justin for making good of a common plot which I wish had more character development to back up continuity and visual fun.
Raveneesimo's avatar
Between the two of them, they really pulled out some great acting. Sherann is master of the CMC's and Justin's just plain hilarious. I haven't seen the fully animated version yet--curious to see how they handled some of his wild facial expressions.
majorkerina's avatar
Oh yes, the facial expressions :). I loved the little moment where the three of them are stumped for newspaper stories and drinking coffee.

Applebloom's expression was the best - [link]

But yes. Great expressions everywhere. Also I loved that Lyra showed up again, this time reading a paper like a human.
Raveneesimo's avatar
I appreciate the link. XD I haven't seen them all enough to know them off the top of my head. I'm continually surprised by how well the lay-out crew translates our board expressions into flash ones.
majorkerina's avatar
No prob :). And their work looks fantastic.

Out of curiosity, what would a board for this scene look like by comparison to the completed version? Would it have the main characters and just the table with roughly those expressions?
Helsaabi's avatar
Eposide is really awesome! :D About Big Mac is first time talking give to them angry since season 1. Big Mac talking is awesome! :D
suddenlyahat's avatar
That was a funny moment, AJ and Big Mac swapping roles. AJ sticking with Eyup and Nope, and the big speach from Big Mac! ^_^
Helsaabi's avatar
Eyup. strange he always talking Eyup and Nope.

Big Mac: they reading about between I and Smarty Pants found out my friends laugh at me. oh well I forgive you applebloom.

XD He still love Smarty pants?! I thought he took Twilight's Smarty pants.
Kaloyan-Alett's avatar
I'm curious about something, how did y'all develop the writing the ponies use? It kinda seems close to english but it also seems to read slightly backwards.
Raveneesimo's avatar
My husband and I were talking about this just the other night. I think its just a shorthand they use so the writing doesn't dominate the scene... Sometimes it looks like what a word would normally look like if you crossed your eyes while trying to read it. If I find out otherwise I will let it be known!
Kaloyan-Alett's avatar
I had to dig around in my favorites to find this but someone came up with an Equestrian Alphabet based on the idea that equines would likely write using straight lines.
It's all in here: [link]

Pretty interesting to me. :D
Raveneesimo's avatar
Woooooah! That's *awesome*. XD
AnimatEd's avatar
I haven't seen this episode yet, but I look forward to comparing the CMC (which I already compare to Eds) to Eddy's Bobby Blabby scam. :D
Raveneesimo's avatar
HA! I'm about to watch it in a bit.. It'll be interesting in a way because Scott directed the Bobby Blabby episode.. whereas Sherann directed this one and her and Scott are pretty much common-law married by now..
AnimatEd's avatar
It wasn't quite as similar to Bobby Blabby as I was expecting. XD Someone still edited a Diamond Tiara clip to have Eddy saying "THAT'S BOBBY BLABBY, GET IT RIGHT" though!

Are they seriously common-law married or is that a joke about them working together so long? haha
Raveneesimo's avatar
I have not seen the ep yet--I'll get back to you on that part.

YES they are common-law by now I think. On top of working together. XD
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