MLP #216: 'Read It and Weep'

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Hey there everybody!

I know this account has been updated well.. pretty minimally. Mainly cuz I'm still knee-deep in Pony.

Speaking of which, I'm just poking my head in to remind folks about another My Little Pony episode that I boarded with the assistance of Dave Weibe: "Read It and Weep" . It premieres this Saturday on The Hub.  

A synopsis: Rainbow Dash discovers the joys of reading when she lands in the Ponyville Hospital, but she must keep her new found hobby a secret from her pony friends because of her former pension for mocking it as an "egghead" pursuit.

I have seen a lot of funny fandom comments about how the title should have been "Reading Rainbow". Apparently that actually WAS the working title early on--don't know why they didn't keep it but I assume it has something to do with the rights to the actual show.*

Coincidentally there's a clip up at Equestria Daily featuring a short snippet of the final episode:…

I always feel kinda weird plugging my episodes, but since we don't get title cards like other shows do, I don't suppose its *that* bad. But to offset my guilt I'll be plugging EVERY episode from now on with the names of the central story-boarders who were involved.

BACK TO WORK. *Toodles!*


*Sometimes the episodes do that. When I was working on "Secret of my Excess" it was actually called "Giving Dangerously"... then it was called "Attack of the 50 Foot Dragon" (SOOOOO glad they ditched that one.) 3rd and finally it was called "Secret of My Excess."
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Is it "Daring-Do" (with hyphen) or "Daring Do" (without hyphen)?
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As far as I know, its "Daring Do". That's the way it was written in the script. :)
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Was there any consideration--past, present, or future--to have an episode with the working title "Newton's Apple"?
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Not to my knowledge!
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Just thought this would be a good place to say that I loved the new episode! It's always good to see more adventure, and the action scenes looked phenomenal. I also loved Rainbow Dash's acting and expressions all through the episode. Congrats on a job well done!
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Thanks! We really busted our butts on the action sequences. The nice thing about those sections with very little dialogue is you can really let your brain go wild.. On the other hand, you never feel like you're doing anything right because you have no hints to lead you. Kind of a mixed blessing.
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That's pretty funny.

Wait, Secret of My Excess was going to be called "Giving Dangerously?" Holy crap, that was an alternate title that I thought of! What a coincidence.
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I swear you guys are tuned in on some weird psychic level with this show...
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"We'll call it whatever silly thing we think of first and let someone else decide whether or not to change it" sounds like a pretty reasonable strategy to me.
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I have a feeling that's exactly it. Makes sense. Once you see the finished product the first title may no longer be as relevant.
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Loved the episode. I like your little bit of behind the scenes you gave us. :) Oh, and it's awesome that you'll give us info about future episodes now, as they come up. It's fun to know a bit more.
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It's awesome to know who boarded what. The episode today was soooo awesome!
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Thanks! It was... lots of work! Glad you enjoyed it. XD
So was it your idea to just not show any of what Rainbow Dash was doing in the opening scene?
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No, that was written in as such. :) I am not sure about the writer's motivation to not show the cause of Rainbow's crash, but from a storytelling point of view I'm glad that we didn't have to pack any action-packed crash landing into an already-action packed episode. XD
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I loved the episode, for what its worth. The Ninja Dash sequence was my favorite part.

Yeah, it bothers me that they don't credit the board artists upfront like most cartoons these days. I notice that they use group credits in the end, rather than individual credits for each episode.

But while we're at it, who did the boards for last week's episode, "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000"?
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That would be Kenny Park and Marshall Fel Elliot. That team also did "Luna Eclipsed" (great visuals in that one) and "Sweet and Elite". So far. They still have one more coming up I think.
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So two board artists work on each episode?
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Pretty much. For season 2, they tried to have one Senior artist who's in charge over all paired with a (usually) less-experienced Junior to assist.
That would be Kenny Park and Marshall Elliott. Kenny was responsible for the whole song sequence, among others.
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Yay, RD centric!
DreadPirateMe's avatar
I love these little insights into the creative process. :) Thanks!
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