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Pony Me Bad. 'Snowdrop'

EDIT: Re-colored! There was something off about the colors before--I just plain didn't like them. Now... I don't mind them. Also changed the cutie mark from an unidentifiable animation disc to a string of ivy, indicative of a love for plants and growth.

At the request of my good friend :iconsibsy: I present: My pony self-portrait. Whoo-hoo!

-Raven M.
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eIectraumatic's avatar
I love her Pinkie-esque hair, her eyebrows, and... pretty much her EVERYTHING!
Lord-Luca-the-Third's avatar
Just out of curiosity, how often (if ever) do staff OC's show up in the show, even just as background ponies?
KristallPrisma's avatar
Why does she have eye brows and look like you tried to make her a hill-billy? No offense...
Raveneesimo's avatar
Well I tried to make her look like myself and I have thick eyebrows. And apparently look like a hillbilly.
KristallPrisma's avatar
aw, don't be so hard on yourself!! I'm sure you aren't how you make yourself out to be!
Raveneesimo's avatar
But I'm not being hard on myself! Lol. I have big eyebrows and poofy hair. That's just me!
KristallPrisma's avatar
Oh, okay. :3 Your OC actually look alot like Pinkie X3
JamesAlpha's avatar
is there any way to get a print of this?
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daydreamer449's avatar
You know what they should do. They should take all the mlp staffs OCs and just give them speaking roles in an episodes! That would be epic! Just an episode dedicated to the staffs OCs
bigmacintosh7's avatar
Your pony is just fucking rocking them eyebrows!
CaptainAley's avatar
Oh my goodness, this character is such a cutie. uwu
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
Your pony is awesome.
Darkonix's avatar
Congratulations! You are my favorite pony.
Solomen's avatar
:sing: Watch as the matter turns to batter, open the portal jump in :iconsingplz: :iconpinkiepieportal1plz:

Is your ponysona a gypsy?
Raveneesimo's avatar
She could be! Is it the scarf? I have been accused of being a gypsy myself. LoL

I was thinking more of a hippy gardener type. XD
Solomen's avatar
I used to know a gypsy with a scarf like that... she was a hippy gardener too :rofl:
Raveneesimo's avatar
Its a tell-tale give-away. XD
weirdnwild91's avatar
Oooh, very nice~! c8
numbuh0051's avatar
Lawl, it looks just like you.
Sombraluz-Images's avatar
She looks delightfully mischievous! :plotting: Love the color combination you chose for her too. :D
cbrubaker's avatar
This is great.

This makes me wonder, are any of the background ponies caricatures of the show's staff? I know Simpsons sometimes sneak a staff person in...
Raveneesimo's avatar
Some of them certainly are! And more are on the way. I believe Holly, one of the layout crew is currently an in-show pony.
Ask-VinylScratch's avatar
If you don't mind me asking, which pony does Holly represent? OUO
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