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Pearl Girl - Steven Universe

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Its Pearl! 
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It's always awesome to see original Art made by the crew of one of my favourite show. Amazing job at showing the elegance and grace coming from Pearl. :clap:
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SkarlazerStudent Artist
Corrupted Pearl 

Pearl Emoticon 1 : AMAZING!
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Bluebird-MHobbyist Digital Artist
Can I make request / Commission please?
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I LOVE my pearl
Love your art
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Lovely Pearl!♥️♥️♥️♥️
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KhialatHobbyist General Artist
Lovely picture of Pearl! :D
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7straightfromthesky7Hobbyist General Artist
I really like her hair, and the pose/ expression!
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love the expression, awesome!
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flowerdash66Student Digital Artist
perla uuuuuumPerla Icon Freee Steven Universe Amethyst and Pearl (Poke) Steven Universe Pearl (Freaking Out) Steven Universe Pearl (Disapproves) Pearl Emote 20 Steven Universe Pearl (Laughing) Steven Universe Pearl (Steven!) Pearl Emote 11 Pearl Emote 2 Steven Universe Pearl (Freaking Out 2) .:Ministrife Pearl:. Steven Universe Pearl And Greg Universe (Hug) GIF Steven Universe - Pearl GIF Steven Universe - Feels! GIF Steven Universe - No! Pearl Emote 43 Pearl Emote 1 Pearl Emote 7 Pearl Emote 10 Pearl Emote 17 Steven Universe Pearl (I Almost Got Us Killed!) GIF Steven Universe - Laughing Steven Universe Pearl Icon - Free to Use Pearl Emote 31 Pearl Emote 19 Pearl Emote 18 GIF Steven Universe - Is she dead? Pearl Emote 14 Pearl and Amethyst Emote 2 Pearl Emote 41 Pearl Emote 36 Pearl Emote 37 Pearl Emote 32 Past Pearl Emote 1 Pearl Emote 42 Rave  Pearl Emote 40 GIF Steven Universe - Well yes... Pearl - how's my volume? Pearl - how's my volume? Negegegegegege - steven universe Pearl Emote 27 Pearl Emote 38 Steven Universe - Free Pearl Avatar Steven Universe Icon #1 - YOU KNO I AM Pearl Emote 23 
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Fuck You Pearl Hater!
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gameboyredHobbyist Interface Designer
so many pearls
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shannabananaginsHobbyist General Artist
adorable <3
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JustaregularpponyHobbyist Digital Artist
Porl is a synonym for cutie
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dissydooStudent Artist
pppppuuuuuurrrrrllllll gggggguuuuuurrrrrllllllPearl Emote 20 Pearl  .:Ministrife Pearl:. Pearl Emote 11 Steven Universe Pearl (Disapproves) Steven Universe Pearl (Laughing) Pearl Emote 2 Steven Universe Pearl (Freaking Out) Steven Universe Pearl (Freaking Out 2) Steven Universe Amethyst and Pearl (Poke) Steven Universe Pearl (Steven!) Pearl Emote 7 Steven Universe Pearl (Smile) Pearl Emote 10 Steven Universe Pearl And Greg Universe (Hug) Pearl Emote 17 Pearl Emote 1 Pearl Pearl Emote 43 Steven Universe Pearl (Idk) Pearl Emote 31 Steven Universe Pearl (Back Away) Pearl Icon Pearl Emote 25 Pearl Emote 19 Pearl's panic attack Pearl and Amethyst Emote 2 PEARL FANGIRLS OVER SOMETHING (Now animated) Pearl Emote 4 SU: Pearl Amethyst boop icon 1 SU: Pearl Amethyst boop icon 2 GIF Steven Universe - Don't Cry Pearl Pearl~ UGHH Pearl Emote 13 Pearl Emote 18 Pearl Emote 36 Pearl Emote 8 Past Pearl Emote 1 Pearl Emote 3 Pearl Emote 9 Pearl Emote 37 Pearl Emote 35 Pearl Emote 26 GIF Steven Universe - No! Pearl Watches Yaoi Pearl Emote 28 Pearl Emote 33 Pearl Emote 40 Pearl Emote 32 Steven Universe Pearl (I Almost Got Us Killed!) Pearl and Amethyst Emote 1 Pearl Emote 41 Pearl Emote 42 Pearl Emote 39 Pearl Emote 29 Pearl Emote 5 Pearl Feelz GIF Steven Universe - Feels! Pearl Emote 21 Pearl Emote 34 Pearl Emote 38 Rave  Pearl Expression Pearl amazed Pearl Emote 12 Pearl Emote 30 Pearl Emote 27 Pearl Emote 24 Pearl is angry Pearl and Steven Emote 1 Pearl Emote 23 Pearl Emote 22 Pearl Emote 6 Past Pearl Emote 3 Holo-Pearl Emote Past Pearl Emote 4 Pearl Emote 15 Pearl Emote 16 Pearl freaking out Pearl~ Oh she aint getting away Pearl Emote 1 Past Pearl Emote 2 Pearl cry pearl emoticon - deal with it Wtf - steven universe Steven Universe - Pearl Icon GIF Steven Universe - Laughing Crystal Gems Emote 1 Pearl Cute Shy Blush Cry Pearl Pearl... Pearl X Sanjay Icon Pearl. again Happy Pearl emoticon Pearl Emote 2: Electric Boogaloo Cri Pearlrose Confirmed Mlep Pearl Emote KO Ripearl  I have spammed this comment with literally every picture of pearl I could find
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Fuck You Pearl Hater!
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Art-AndyHobbyist Filmographer
The thirst is real
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gameboyredHobbyist Interface Designer
Aaaaaa! Ja-ja-ja-ja-jaaackpot!
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GIF Steven Universe - Don't Cry Pearl Pearl Emote 1 Pearl Emote 43 Past Pearl Emote 4 Pearl Emote 
           _ Omg Pearlgie<3
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Fuck You Pearl Hater!
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7thDeathHobbyist Digital Artist
This person sells your design on shirts!

The person sells a lot of different SU artworks which do not belong to her/him!
Please take a look and inform other artists if their work appears there!
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Pizza-BunsStudent Digital Artist
love it
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