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Fire And Snow

By Raveneesimo
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I don't draw enough of our OC's. But here they are, :iconsibsy: 's Wildfire and my Snowdrop, jovially squeezing the life out of her. LoL Never noticed the fire and snow themes of our characters till I attempted to name the file. Kind of fitting!

Here's to one sweet lady. Sabrina, you're an intriguingly multi-faceted woman and I'm proud to call you my friend. :heart:


Oh yeah. Our little pony bodies are (c) Hasbro.
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I absolutely LOVE it when you staffponies draw your OC's...despite my Derpy addiction, and all the Pinkie's I collect for my daughter, seeing all of you as ponies is one of my favorite things to watch for...

You should get together and do a staffpony portrait like the mega pony tshirt design...

And tell everyone from all of us in my family...thanks for pony...
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Awww this is a sweet drawing
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One of my favorite Concepts; "Fire and Ice"
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After seeing this I may have to rethink my Mando x Sibsy ship.
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I wish I had a friend like that =) I am happy you two get along so well!
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Well you probably will at some point! They certainly don`t come overnight. XD These things take time to develop.

Also, that RD icon is freaking cute. Is it creepy that I like ponies when they`re sleeping? O_O
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**picks self off floor**
Holy crap I got a reply on a comment?!?

I hope I get a friend like that, It'd be nice. But I am kind of a recluse due to having a midnight shift job.

Actually is a screen capture of when the dragon in "Dragonshy" points out that RD kicked him, then pans to her and she nods in agreement =)
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having friends would be fabulous! NOT being kicked out of a brony meet-up would be even better. oh well, i'm not going to let mean bronies or reclusiveness spoil my fun! i still think friendship is magic!
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You and Sibsy are now more famous and recognizable as ponies than you are as people... What a strange little fandom.
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Ha ha you're right. Oh well! Whatever makes everypony happy!
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I like to imagine your human selves make those faces too though. Poor wibble sibble.
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She is often suffocated by my hugs. XD
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D'aawwww, this is so adorable! :D I especially love Snowdrop's expressive pose!
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Awe, thank you kindly!
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Congratulations!madam, you earned a warmly place on the fandom ;D
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aww this makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy
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OMG I love your art style so much its unreal ;3;
Give me your skillz!
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lol thats cute!
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Season three! Staffer pony side stories XP Episode title "Friendship is Suffocating"
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