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Female body shapes

I decided to do a quick tutorial about body shapes. Yes, women come in different sizes and the only way to know that is to observe women. No one tutorial or one lesson will be able to tell you everything you should know. A serious artist will absorb good information and search for more. A bad artist will see one example and think all learning is done. This is my one lesson and I hope it will help to enlighten someone.
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I'm apple shaped. But now that I'm thin, after a diet, my body looks well proportioned.
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This looks great.. I would definitely be the hourglass
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they are literally the same size with just minor differences....
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It's so simple, yet so helpful. Thank you so much
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I can understand how learning different body types can better your art, but your tutorial isn't very convincing about the examples you're trying show your audience. Maybe I expected something a bit more exaggerated to more clearly get the examples across, but they're really too subtle to notice. Really, the only difference I've immediately noticed is the height for each one in the second row.
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I understand. But I had seen a couple of other body type tutorials that had the differences really exaggerated, and they were critiqued as "no one wants to draw fat women!" or "no real woman is shaped that way!" I tried to go with thinner people as that seems to be what most people draw, and in thinner people the differences can be very subtle, as body shapes depend a lot on fat distribution.

That said, this is the very first tutorial I have put together, and I was planning on doing more tutorials where I showed each body type with more variations and exaggerations. I haven't gotten responses back from some of the people I have asked as to how I can improve the tutorial, besides "I want to see body shapes". I am happy to go more in depth but am unsure what others would find helpful. Should I just draw a lot of variations in the apple shape? just a few with an explanation? photos of real life examples? etc. What would you find helpful?
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The "no one wants to draw fat women" or "no real woman is shaped that way" comments are only some 12-year-olds who haven't seen a real woman outside of what t.v. has shown them. There are people who do share features like that, and yes, not all of them are skinny. Those comments should be ignored, because most of them don't know what they're talking about.

The idea where you post a picture of a real-world example next to a drawn example, actually sounds like a great idea. Variations of a certain shape wouldn't hurt, either (this would be a good time to show that the differences can range from subtle to not-so-subtle.) As this is your first tutorial, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time, but just keep in mind that it's easier to show examples of something where the things you're trying to point out are easy to spot to those who haven't seen it before, or are just learning about them.
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This helped me figure out my bodytype XD

(Is an hourglass)
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Cool, I am glad you found it useful. :)
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Thank you, may I use this as a reference?
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Of course. That is why I made it :)
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It's a not really good tutorial, It Doesn't helped me much.
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What were you hoping to learn when you clicked on this one? What information could I have included to have made it more useful to you?
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be more specific. it's just plain ignorant to comment something like that.
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. . .
It does include the female body shapes :?
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Yes, but they all look the same.
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It depends on how you look at it.
The differences are subtle but they're there, it's up to you to exaggerate them as you like. The main thing would be that you at least understand part of the differences.
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For this tutorial, I think that something more exaggerated would have been better.
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there's no variety
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Maybe I'll Give it a shot...

I learned about the female body and this is rather easy as it's hard to draw the variations without confusing people or upsetting them.
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Wow! This was extremely helpful! :D I'm trying to start making my characters look different, because I've noticed that as I draw more, my characters look exactly the same, except for their eyes, hair, and outfits. T-T
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