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Metal Overlord

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Character  Metal Sonic

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"All living things, kneel before your Master!"

SHI... ROCK! YEAH! Ahem. I mean... Aside from dragons, Sonic also holds a very special place in my heart. STH was a HUGE and IMPORTANT part of my life. I wouldn't be the same without this wonderful franchise. Therefore, I felt I must make a tribute.

In general,
I always thought Neo Metal Sonic was the coolest-looking boss in Sonic games and he deserves more love. Seriously, his transformation looks like a damn mechanical xenomorphic dragon monster! Isn't that epic and terrifying? Now that's a real FINAL BOSS! Since then, I saw nothing like this in the games, and that's a pity. All I see now is Zavok, Zavok and Zavok... Oh, come on! A weird plastic imp? Sorry, but that's just... meh.

As much as I'm not really fond of drawing robots, mechas, machines, etc., I
diligently studied screenshots to depict MM/MO as precisely as possible. ...I didn't even expect to finish it on Sonic's birthday! Yay! Too bad the wings didn't fit in.

Perfect Chaos is also my favorite. It would look quite fitting in my gallery, haha. Gonna paint it someday too.

Acrylic on paper, A3.
Art (c) RavenCorona
Metal Madness/Metal Overlord from Sonic Heroes (c) Sega

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© 2020 - 2021 RavenCorona
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but, that's just metal madness.

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Metal Madness doesn't sound epic enough. Yes, I know that his wings are lowered and not spread here. But they just didn't fit in the painting! I wanted to portray how he had already conquered the world and show all his power, so I titled the painting that way.

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That's dope, I love how huge you made that mech look. The highlights and the details are very nice.

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Thank you so much! <D

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Wow! It looks like Metal judging by this picture has gotten his way by taking over the world.

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Oh yeaah. Thanks!

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Your Knuckles quote at the beginning there put a nostalgic smile on my face. I remember if you didn't do the whole combo he would just be going "SHIT, SHIT, SHIT" repeatedly :laughing:

I was in my mid-teens when this game came out but was super excited for it and consider it a favourite of mine from that time. The levels, music and funny character quotes always stood with me even years after I last played, it was certainly impressionable and I remember this guy's transformation scene too. Epic and pretty intimidating too. Though I gotta admit I do like the Deadly Six's designs too, feeling more true to the colourful and cartoony nature of Sonic games. But yeah I remember seeing this and thinking "oh fuck!" :fear: It would have taken ages to draw.

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Haha! Nice to know that. Thanks!

I agree with everything. Except the Deadly Six. Not everything that is colorful and cartoony is necessarily related to Sonic. Think about it. Their faces are completely different from Sonic's style. They are rather from "Inside Out"- https://www.dvdsreleasedates.com/posters/800/I/Inside-Out-2015-movie-poster.jpg That's where the very similar types are for sure! Furthermore, if you look closely, you'll see that Zavok's lower jaw is actually fake - https://i.ytimg.com/vi/j4rL1IIjzhU/maxresdefault.jpg

It's his collar. He has a simple mouth. Just... why? This is getting more and more awkward o_o

Besides, who was originally Sonic's enemies? Eggman's robots. So what does this bunch have to do with it?...

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Yeah they do look a little "animated movie" style. I kinda liked them because they were inspired by the punk/rock scene a little bit in their designs. As for what they have to do with the franchise - well they probably just wanted to try a new threat for the new world that the game was set in (talking about Sonic Lost World here, if they have appeared in anything else I haven't played it). Mario has done the same thing before when they don't feel like going with Bowser as the main antagonist. Eggman and his robots will always be the go-to enemies long-term though, and it would be cool if Metal Sonic appears again. I just wouldn't count on him transforming into this again though, he still got his ass beat so maybe he'll turn into something else :XD:

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Great pic, let's wreak havoc! :la:

Metal Sonic was actually my fav character from Sonic Heroes. And he's got a cool battle theme :XD:

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Thank you!

Yeeee! <3

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Looks like it has the best of everything bad-ass. terminator, Pedator, Alien, Freddy Kruger; you all eat your hearts out.

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"I am the ultimate overlord, Metal Sonic!"
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I am the real sonic

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This looks hella rad! :D

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OOOOHHH! I remember that game! It was so awesome! And this takes the cake! A perfect 10!!!

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Yaaay! Thank you! <3

IsaacDean's avatar

You're welcome!

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Great :), it look's like a Hybrid Alien.

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Thanks! Oh yeah, I thought the same when I was playing the game.

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Holy geez this is incredible!! O.O Such details...

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