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Lowered price | Aural Dragon Adopt [CLOSED]


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✖️ CLOSED ✖️

No interest :c Probably will be reuploaded sometime later.


Do you like noodle dragons with ears? Well, I have good news for you...
Yes. Those are all ears. Quite an ee(a)rie creature, huh? Hehe.

...I swear, in real life it looks MUCH better and brighter than the scanned one. Some of the neon pink speckles just faded :/ It was such a cool effect... Anyway, you can certainly request delivery of the physical artwork. Shipping will be discussed.

Before you decide to bid, please read the rules.

START BID: LOWERED from $50 to $30

MI: $5

AUTOBUY: LOWERED from $195 to $100

For an extra $30 I'll do a chibi version (the desired art materials will be discussed).

End time: 72 hours after the last bid or autobuy.

The Rules are simple:

  • PayPal or Ko-fi only (ANY currency).

  • Don't bid if you're not sure you can pay.

  • No refunds on adoptables, so please be sure you really want it!

  • After I declare you the winner, you'll have 5 days to send the payment. Otherwise, your bets will be canceled and the adopt will go to the next of the highest bidders (or I may reopen it).

  • Please bid in chain! (reply to the current highest bid)

The winner will receive:

Full-sized high-res unwatermarked PNG version of this image.

★ No BG version.

★ Scan of the sketch.

★ Scan of the line art (e.g. you can color it using the “Multiply” layer mode).

★ All rights to the character. This includes changing the character's design, coming up with a name, biography, etc. ANYTHING without restrictions.

You can even have a tea party with it or draw porn, resell, redraw it. It will no longer be my business. However, the authorship of the original design remains with me, so please give me credit when using this design.

Copic and Stylefile markers, gelly roll on Canson marker 70gsm paper, A4, Photoshop.

Art and design (c) RavenCorona

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That drago here can hear all your shit and we stan them for that! :dummy: Seriously, amazing piece!!

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Haha, yeah! Thank you so much! <D

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5$ is the minimum increase, not starting bid. Or you just making fun?

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Being broke is not fun can't blame me for trying

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Oh, sorry. Well, nowadays, you just never know...

I was thinking about lowering the price anyways, because the auction has been hanging empty for quite some time :c

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So, time's up. But since you were the only one who bet, here's the deal:

If you really like this adopt so much, I can reserve it for you! When you have the funds, you can purchase it at the minimum, for $30 (I've already lowered the SB from $50 to $30). If not, then I will close the auction for now and maybe reopen it someday.

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I would like to try for it just give me time :>

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