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Corvo Attano

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This is a b-day gift for a friend. Oh, I haven’t drawn people for so long... especially realistic ones @_@
Acrylic on paper, A3.

Art (c) RavenCorona
Corvo from the game Dishonored (c) Arkane Studios
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© 2019 - 2022 RavenCorona
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TheProdigyMan's avatar
honestly thought it was corvus from 40k for a second
RavenCorona's avatar
Lol, you're already the second person in these couple of days who saw something Warhammer-ish in my artworks 8'D Thank you!
SilverSugar's avatar
Ah man, I really love the background of this. Super inspiring to me. I only wish I knew more about the source material to say more there haha.
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Great job! The magic of acrylic on paper.

r-i-g-h-t's avatar
Reminds me of Captain Harlock
Nick473's avatar
I love this a lot. You are really talented. Keep up the good work!
JNRedmon's avatar
The intricacy of that mask is beautiful. This art looks like it belongs on the cover of an 18th-century Series of Unfortunate Events prequel.
AzzJoh's avatar
Love it. Still my favorite game of all time
JuffyMeister's avatar
I did not expect this to pop up on my front page. I'll be honest.
As a Fan of the game I can appreciate every minute you've put into making this, because it looks amazing.

The color scheme fits with the game's atmosphere perfectly, making all the washed away colors remind you of the plague.

I can also see you've put effort to add a lot of details, which again, turned out really good.
I also love the crows you added, they send a bit of chills down my spine.

Oh and finally the expression. You nailed it.
Sorry for making this so long, but I just wanted to let you know I appreciate this piece greatly >.<
RavenCorona's avatar
Aww~ Thank you so much for your kind words! ;v; It's okay, I'd rather read long and detailed comments, because it is very important for me to know what exactly people like or not. So, again, thank you for your time! I'm really glad I've managed to pleasantly surprise you ^v^
PizzaBrony's avatar
This is the best thing I will ever see today. Thank you for making my day better by seeing this, I LOVE this game.:happybounce: 
RavenCorona's avatar
Yaay! I've made someone's day better! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ You're very welcome <3
DaniZanskar's avatar
Niice.  Good old Corvo.
I liked more Dishonored 1 than the second, I really don't like that Corvo speaks :/
lethe-gray's avatar
Very nice work!
TheOfficialEscargoon's avatar
I like this. It's like steampunk combined with Keanu Reeves
TheOfficialEscargoon's avatar
Why are you trying to advertise your sex business on the comment section of good art like this?
RavenCorona's avatar
Thank you for your support! And yeah, these spammers have been annoying me recently :/ And not just me, like, they are everywhere! Can someone among the staff do something about them, please...
TheOfficialEscargoon's avatar
Same here. There's all these pictures of buff women, but i post a comment asking if its a Jojo reference to be equally annoying.
Virgoferra's avatar
Fantastic artwork Clap 
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