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Ravenclaw Academy Is a School and Sanctuary for the not so every day students of many species. The academy is watched over by the Four Ravenclaw Brothers they have a 217,800 sqft castle. that sits on a massive 100,000 acre plot of land on it's own country containing a beach, forest, swampland, desert, prairie, and an ice covered island in middle of the ocean with an active Stratovolcano. Inside the academy is the dorms, a café, indoor restaurant, four-story mall, ballroom, a nicely sized gym with a indoor and outdoor pool, a underground megaplex cinema, lake, hotsprings, and dungeon. There is construction underway inside and out. there is also a indoor forest inside the school for the Anthro and Yokai students (meaning their rooms are in there in trees etc) there also is a new building on the Academy Grounds a Dragon Hatchery. and nearby is the Ravenclaw Stables where all the Horses and Cows and other animals are housed.
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