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The Chemical Parade

This is a font I created using the New "My Chemical Romance" hand drawn logo and the original "we are The Black Parade" logo.

by carefully tubing each letter available in paintshop pro.
Then creating from those letters the letters that remained unavailable, including...
F, G, J, K, P, Q, S, U, V, W(flipped M), X, & Z.

This is an all cap font. Without any numbers or special characters available.
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hello, I would like to use your beautiful font for an album cover, where can I buy it? thank you so much:D

Hey everyone I haven't logged in in a hot minute... but I have noticed an uptick in the use of this font for commercial use. AND sharing on other sites after changing the file name. Not cool.

I don't care if you share it from here to the moon as long as it is this file with my creative commons license, don't change the file name because when people open it up it still says "The Chemical Parade 2007" and even if you are clever enough to change that, their are markers in-bedded in the file that can't be removed I'm going to ding you with a dispute claim. I created this by cleaning up and making every letter from both Black Parade and My Chemical Romance into one cohesive font and built the letters that weren't available from those two for all MCR fans like myself who wanted it to use and its not cool to put your name on something without the effort. What do you get out of that?

I have never gotten a dime out of it, I didn't want to, so with that being said it was made as a personal use only file not for use as profit. It can not be used in designs on posters, plaques, Tshirts, etc that are for sale on Etsy, Ebay or any other site and if I catch it I will report it. 

It is an all cap artistic font so it is glitchy when used as a type face. The "I" overlaps due to the tilt of the letter, there are other glitches in the font based on the oddities of the individual artistic letters and I will know my font creation a mile away.

Be cool please. 
Do you care if I use this for a comic book title?
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Where can I download?
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Check my art out
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Is there a way to add numbers and special characters to this font file? Like in photoshop or something..? Not just you, I mean for everyone, and not when you're using the font in a picture, like is there actually a way to make numbers or special characters in this font..?
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Cool Work thanks
how do i download the font?
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MCR! I love this band!*-* And the font is perfec! Thanks!!!
omg so glad someone did this :D thanks heaps and heaps and heaps, but the problems with there any way to fix this? I have no idea how to do this so thanks anyway :D still fun to play with :D thankyouthankyou. and I must remember to keep caps on. But that's cool, just the spacing yeah...even if I do leave spaces it can look a little strange. Like with the y's...and the i's overlap but I can sort of just put a couple spaces.

ANYWYAY, awesome and thanks so much for doing this. I freaking adore this font and wanted it for a while now :D thanks to dafont for leading me here hehehe love DA.
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omfg thank you! I've been looking for this for a really long time!
Hey, btw, do you know by chance what is the font used to write "The Black Parade" on the album cover? It'd help me a lot!
I am aware this font has spacing issues, I think it is due to the tilt of some of the letters. BUT since it is an artistic font, and will likely be edited for specific layouts, I figured it was an issue that would be overcome by typing and dragging letters as needed. TWO For those of you that say you have installed it and it isnt working, it is an ALL CAP font, try typing something in CAPS. THREE for those of you asking how to download it, I can't help you, as you see several people are having no issues. I have never had a problem downloading and installing fonts, so it is dependant on you specific computer and installed software that I would have no knowledge of to assist with that, I wish I could, I'm sorry. I'm glad everyone has enjoyed this so much, it has been featured on Deviant art and picked up by several free font houses online! :)
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Yay! I've been wanting this font since I saw it years ago... and I just found it again.. so yay :D... it works pretty good.... the only problem is that there's like a huge gap between any letter and the y..... and some letters overlap too much so you can't even see them.... :( but that last problem is easily fixed if you just make a space between the letters... so I think this font is worth having! even if the y is a little weird... or maybe its just my laptop... *shrugs* oh well! I still LOVE this :)
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Where's the little computer button to download?
p.s. SO AMAZING. I have been looking for something like this for ages ^^
How do you download it
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In the right up corner under "Add to favorites" There's a text saying "Download file" Click that.
This is an lovely font, thank you ravenblackhardt!!
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Used here: [link]

Thanks bunches!
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I LOVE THIS! Thank you so much!
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