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Untitled - Ch. 1: The Hunt
            Sirens blaring, dogs barking. Sounds of the hunt tore through the dark streets of New York. Police officers called out orders, used all of mankind's tools of the new millenium to find the beast at the end of the K-9 unit's nose. Captain Jacob Pritcher followed closely to the whereabouts of this beast, having spent three months to pinpoint its hiding place. It wasn't about a promotion anymore, many said. This hunt became personal. But when?
            "Sir, we've tracked him the the rundown warehouse near the docks. The K-9 units and SWAT teams are set and ready for the word," an older officer entered the small office of the police chief. He wasted no time with the small talk, knowing all too well how useless it was now. The shattered frame next to the door proved that well enough. The man set down the steaming cup of black coffee he had brought for the mi
:iconravenarya:RavenArya 3 3
I held out my heart
Sharing the warmth with you.
I opened up my soul
Helping to guide you through.
I have pulled you to your feet
When life knocks you down.
I stay too open, it seems
For then you make me look like a clown
What is this feeling
bubbling deep inside?
What are these tears?
Why am I crying?
Rage has worked a thread
Into my darkened heart.
But why would you care?
Look at what you've got.
You don't need me now
As I sit here crying.
Are you happy now?
My soul is dead!
You tore it apart,
One agonizing chunk by one
And where were you
When I turned out the light?
I hide it from you,
But it's painfully honest
That you couldn't care less
Or you'd show some fondness.
You're not my Light in the Darkness
We can agree on that.
And forever more I'll be free.
The ragdoll no more.
:iconravenarya:RavenArya 2 8
BBRae-Looking Through Your Eye by RavenArya BBRae-Looking Through Your Eye :iconravenarya:RavenArya 10 5 Looking Through Your Eyes WIP by RavenArya Looking Through Your Eyes WIP :iconravenarya:RavenArya 2 8 Comp. Apps. project by RavenArya Comp. Apps. project :iconravenarya:RavenArya 4 1 Dragon hound Diablo by RavenArya Dragon hound Diablo :iconravenarya:RavenArya 2 4 Dragon hound Raven by RavenArya Dragon hound Raven :iconravenarya:RavenArya 4 7 LitD Revamp 1 - Tyranus by RavenArya LitD Revamp 1 - Tyranus :iconravenarya:RavenArya 2 3 Shadow of the Day - WIP by RavenArya Shadow of the Day - WIP :iconravenarya:RavenArya 4 7
LitD Ch. 4 Part 1
Chapter 4, Part 1
The large council chamber carried a dreary air as the night went on, the inhabitants of all sizes and colors blended to different shades of gray in the dimly-lit room. Setting upon the large stone platform in the center of the room was Chiran, the Kitana king. His blazing green scales shimmered in the light of the flames next to him, his emerald eyes shining with indifference. The trial taking place meant nothing to him; it was more of a relief to lose this member than to kill them. Standing behind the ruler was the twelve members of the council, where they spoke together of the sentence they have decided.
Once the volume of the clan diminished, a large, indigo male stepped from the council's circle to the King's side, speaking in low tones. With a nod of his head Chiran dismissed the elderly member, looking now to his second in command.
"Tyranus, do you side with the defence?" came his deep, rich voice. With the red beta's shake to the negative, the king continued.
:iconravenarya:RavenArya 0 1
Too Late
Too Late
I saw a girl who wanted to fly.
High in the sky
On the clouds she would ride.
I told her she was crazy
People don't fly
Why do you try when you may die?
She looked at me, her face stern with belief
Because it's what I want
And there's nothing you can do.
I heard the news and saw the words
They spoke them loud
She was gone.
From the tallest roof
With the strongest wings
She fell, a smile on her face
I couldn't see, I couldn't speak
For through the tears,
The girl was me
I wanted to fly
I wanted to soar
Inside me there's so much more
I awoke from the dream
In a cold sweat
Shaking with fever, shaking with dread
From there I knew what I had to do
Fly away soon
Before it's too late.
:iconravenarya:RavenArya 4 5
Coming Undone - finished by RavenArya Coming Undone - finished :iconravenarya:RavenArya 6 11
Beholder of Dreams
Beholder of Dreams
The eternal slumber for the troubled
A blessing and a curse to others
I help the fallen soldier hold on
To rest and dream of a better time
I give and take with no harm
Besides what is caused by others
With my bright companion
We watch the many lives unfold
Just as my rival does before me
I listen to the wind as it
Carries the nightingale's song.
The beautiful notes singing
Of eternal life and love.
I cover the world in sleep's dark blanket
To help some recover
And others fly
Alas, my reign comes to an end
Just to rise again
The day wins over
It's time to move on
But I'll return, just as I did before
To provide shelter to those in need.
No one replaces me; they don't even try
Forevermore I am Night, the Beholder of Dreams.
:iconravenarya:RavenArya 1 8
Coming Undone - WIP by RavenArya Coming Undone - WIP :iconravenarya:RavenArya 4 9
Light in the Darkness- Ch. 3
"...Oh, damn...," the intruding male rose weakly, still injured from the gang's attack, and lifted his light green wings to take off, but his still young body wasn't faster than gravity. Tyranus dropped from the sky, blood-red scales glistening in the sunlight, as he pinned the young one's wing with a massive claw, tearing the membrane that Raven had just healed. Pearly white teeth were bared to one another, one growl drowning the other. The smaller male, as hard as he tried, still could not keep the fear from his eyes; the prospect of death seemed imminent in his future.
A low, growling voice came from the crimson dragon's maw as he spoke, "You don't belong here..." The intruder still held his stance, despite having his wing pinned, and tried an excuse that is practiced by the young to use in this situation, "Please sire, forgive me...I am unaware of the borders. Please-." Being used so much, the larger counciler lifted his head in anger, bellowing a mighty roar, "LIES! All Cer
:iconravenarya:RavenArya 1 13
Broken Wings
Broken Wings
Beaten and bruised, she rises again
Even though her pain knows no end.
Looking up to the stars she wishes to fly,
Up, up there in the deep blue sky.
In pieces, her heart lay torn.
Fighting still, her spirit is worn.
Blue orbs meet blue sea while the waves crash below.
The shrill light of the moon highlights the jagged stones.
"The only way to fly," she cries, " is to fall.
To let go and give it your all."
Bare feet step to the edge as eyes close.
And she thinks of what she wants the most.
One step was all it took for her flowing feelings
And she found herself, the dark angel with broken wings.
Falling was flying, her wings finally opened...
And all was silent.
The world resumed,.oblivious to its loss
As the woman truly became an angel.
To fly was her wish, to fly high in the sky,
And now this first flight made her able.
Few weep for the forgotten soul,
As they tell her tales of woe.
But she smiles, finally at peace.
For the angel no longer had broken wings.
:iconravenarya:RavenArya 7 19

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Heya all! Sorry for constantly poofing. It's hard to find time to get back online, but I keep on trying!

As for the title, I'm posting on here something I've had in the works for a while now. It's FAR from finished, but I thought it was about time to get input from fellow authors and artists :). There's art with it, but it's mostly writing and different tattoo designs for myself and my boyfriend. He's saving up for his fourth, and I'm saving for my first lol :shiftyeyes:.

Hope to hear from some familiar faces!

~ Raven Arya
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