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Sugar Glider as Totem

Sugar Glider as Totem

Sugar Glider as a totem represents: Soaring through life, tree wisdom, forest wisdom, trees can nourish you, impatience with dependents or overly dependent people, physical affection with those close to you, hostility towards those who don’t ‘belong,’ problems with accepting new people, comfort, letting friends and close people in, being helped and helping others, bonding, tree magic, know your destination, the power of being ‘cute.’


Crescent medium weight illustration board, with watercolour pencil, pencil, water-fast fineliner, and acrylic and iridescent paint. 7.4 x 8 inches
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I love it when you make the signature swooshy-arc through the piece an interactive object instead of just a background highlight. Such a great example of that in this one
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Thank you so much! :D I enjoy making them a part of the main subject, it's fun to work that in, though I like using them in a more abstract way too.
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I've seen actual sugar gliders a chum used to own. They're such cute, dainty little creatures. Yours looks so sweet and 'innocent', but I can imagine they can get a bit of attitude, too! :)
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Sugar gliders are adorable. I don't believe in keeping them in captivity (unless it's for the purposes of education), and they're not kept as pets here in Australia. They are wonderful though.
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Yay! I love Sugar Gliders! I used to date a guy that had one and I have wanted one ever since!
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I don't believe in owning them as pets (that's something people do in the US but - ironically - not here in Australia), but they are very cute animals.
This is lovely! Sugar gliders are impossibly adorable, and you've captured that very well. Great nocturnal pastels, too!
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Thank you very much! And 'impossibly adorable' is a great description!
You're entirely welcome -- and 'impossibly adorable' seems like the only way to describe a sugar glider!
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that cute!! > . <
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