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Stoat as Totem

Stoat as Totem

Also known as the ermine, or short-tailed weasel, or Mustela erminea. :)


This piece is crafted on sturdy bend and damage-resistant Crescent medium weight illustration board, which is 100% rag and completely acid free, and gallery quality; with watercolour pencil, pencil, water-fast fineliner, and acrylic and iridescent paint.
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l love the colors of green and gold I love the Stoat face
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Aaaaaaaaains *_*
I love his face!

And you know the difference, yes, between weasels and stoats?
Weasels are weaselly distinguished.
Stoats are stoatally different.
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Lol, I hadn't heard that one before! I like it I like it!
It's a great saying, isn't it? *grins*
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For a moment, I thought it was a sort of Ferret, I suppose they're related to weasels and ermines, yes? Either way, it's a very cute critter! :D Got that "Hi! I'm cute...and full of mischief..." look going on.
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The stoat is the ermine (which I say in the description), they're the same thing. (And they're also known as short-tailed weasels). So they are in the weasel family, and are related to ferrets. :D
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Mustelidaaaaaaaeeeeee <3
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