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Snail as Totem - 02

Read more about Snail as Totem here: [link]

Yet another one of my own personal totems. :)

Snail as Totem

Australia has a large quantity of native snails, none of which are known to do great damage to garden plants. It is the invasive European snail that we most commonly see in our gardens, munching on our plants. In fact, many native snails are carnivorous and consume European snails! Some species of native snail in Australia are able to remain dormant for years until appropriate, wet weather conditions enable them to move with ease.

Snails are mollusks that move via contracting the muscles in their 'foot' and easing their way with slime (that also can serve as a scent trail to other snails). They are known for their slow speeds and for carrying their internal organs in a protective 'shell,' if the shell is cracked, they can often heal it over time, however serious damage will result in death. Snails eat a variety of foods and live in a variety of habitats. Snails are hermaphroditic. They are eaten by all major vertebrate groups (including humans; OMNOMNOM.)


18.5 x 20.5cm (or 7.4 x 8 in)
illo's board, fineliner, aquarelle, pencil, metallic and iridescent paint
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I love your artwork. If you could manage to create a tarot style card deck I'm pretty sure they would sell. I'd like a deck like that for sure. Check this website belonging to a lady we bought a deck of cards from. It's all her original artwork.

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Unfortunately a deck isn't likely to be released any time soon, but I'm glad you enjoy the artwork. :)
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I like snails, and have read up on them for a some time now.
But I like how you put a bit of info on them as your artisan's comment, it's cool to see such a thing done.
Ravenari's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the art (and snails! Snails are the greatest).
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Wow, this is really cool and original AND creative!! :D EPICCC
lafeeesterelle's avatar
I love your art! Can't wait to see more.
Ravenari's avatar
Thanks! I should have more coming soon!
ScurvySimon's avatar
Wow, I love the colouring on the shell here, it really brings out its shape. Nice job on the positioning of the swirling patterns too. =)
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Journal feature, once again; [link]
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Thank you so much!
MarahBear's avatar
The shell looks very nice!
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terrific work!
I abosultely love snails (not for eating XD yuck)
but yeah, i love the shell and the detail in this. <3
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jiangzu's avatar
That shell is amazing.
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I had no idea snails could be a totem animal! That's awesome! I love snails, they're so cute and slow, forging ahead at their own steady pace, with those adorable little eye-stalks and funny faces. I discovered on a trip to Paris that they're the only animal I feel bad about eating.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure about the muted background colour in this piece. I'd expect the snail picture to have a wetter look to it, the background just looks like the colours of the snails actual body. It's just not really the way you've gone with most of the other animals.
Ravenari's avatar
I had no idea snails could be a totem animal!

Every single animal on the planet can be a totem animal, because all animals (and plants, and rocks) have wisdom to teach us just by the way they live, and through what they are.
squizzlenut's avatar
That makes perfect sense now that I think about it, I'd just never heard anyone mention things like snails or dung-beetles or houseflies in that context before. It's just me being slow. *facepalm*

Out of curiosity, what would a housefly mean if it was contacting you?
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I've actually written a file on housefly here:


squizzlenut's avatar
Interesting. It's odd to think that an animal could be encouraging someone to be MORE selfish, rather than less, but I suppose if it wasn't necessary the animal wouldn't be contacting people in the first place.
Ravenari's avatar
*nods* And because selfishness is so frowned upon in our society, it can also go a little way to explaining why so many people just hate flies, you know?

Usually the animals we hate or fear have lessons to teach that we don't always like - that sometimes we need to be selfish, that sometimes it's important to take what is ours, that sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves and not be 'nice.'

Thankfully though, we don't have to be like that all the time.
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