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Red Kangaroo as Totem 03

Red kangaroo is yet another personal guide of mine, and kangaroos and wallabies in general are among my favourite animals in the animal kingdom. :)

Red Kangaroo as Totem

Want to read about what red kangaroo as a totem means? Go here:


Red kangaroos are the world's largest surviving marsupial, and the largest kangaroo/macropod. Red kangaroos specifically avoid living in more fertile regions (which is more commonly the domain of grey kangaroos), and are known to be able to withstand great heat and live in arid regions across mainland Australia.

Male red kangaroos can leap over 9 metres in one bound. They generally live in small groups known as 'mobs,' which have flexible grouping arrangements. They will also sometimes live quite solitary lives, or band together in greater groups when necessary.


18.5 x 20.5cm (or 7.4 x 8 in)
illo's board, fineliner, aquarelle, pencil, metallic and iridescent paint
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This is so beautiful I love the kangaroo's facial expression. Seriously, this is totally one of my favorite pieces of artwork I've come across on this website! I really really love it!
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Ooo thank you so much! :D
FawnRiver's avatar
Beautiful! I find it quite dreamtime-y ;P
Ravenari's avatar
Thank you very much. :)
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This is stunning!
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There is something sad, and concerned about the Red Kangroo. I love the artwork, but I get this withdrawn sort of feeling when looking at it... defiantly left me deep in thought.
Ravenari's avatar
Thank you. I think of red kangaroos as stoic, quiet warriors... so a withdrawn energy definitely vibes.
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Hmmm, thats a very interesting image of red kangaroos. Defiantly puts this art into some perspective ^_^ Thank you for sharing.
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cool! I would like to know my totem animal. how did you know the red kangaroo was yours?
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Red kangaroo is more like an ongoing animal guide for me, but I use totem because more people understand what that means. As for how I found out - repetitive dreams where he came to me and shared wisdom with me. And he came to me during journey states (which are similar to visualisation, but not the same thing). All the advice he's ever given me has been strong, amazing advice.

As for how to get to know a totem animal, it takes time. I've written some information on totem animals here:

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oh i see, it sounds cool :O i would like to love to know what my totem animal is! :)
i'm sure gonna read it!
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AWWWWWWWWWESOME! :clap: :boogie: :love:
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Wow, the hair looks so real on this one...
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The colors give it a beautiful sand and desert feel!
Ravenari's avatar
Awesome, that's what I was going for, so I'm glad it came across. :)
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Amazing, as always :)

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You're welcome :)
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