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Okapi as Totem

Okapi as Totem

the Okapi represents:

Saving the best for last, genetic science and genetic interest, listening out for danger, connection to lightning spirits, connection to unicorn mythology, uniqueness, what you seek may elude you, watch for hidden opportunities, listen to the quiet truths and voices, camouflaged truths, the spirits around you are subtle, rainforest energy, living fossil, communicating in ways invisible to others, your spiritual truths are hiding, wait for your guides to come to you, new discoveries, stay vigilant.


Crescent medium weight illustration board, with watercolour pencil, pencil, water-fast fineliner, and acrylic and iridescent paint. 7.4 x 8 inches
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Aka, the forest giraffe.
Nyotah's avatar
That's mine. :D
Love love love it! ♥♥
Thank you for drawing that!
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Very lovely decorative design, especially the leaves :)
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Very nice; it has a feeling of serenity to it that makes it relaxing to look at.
Ravenari's avatar
Thank you very much. :)
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I love the vibrancy of the piece and, well, okapis are just awesome.
Ravenari's avatar
Okapis really just do fulfil their awesome requirement with ease.
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Your lineart is beautiful and elegant <3
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You're stuff just gets cooler and cooler, I love it :heart:
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Beautiful! I love Okapis!
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Okapis are the best!
*grins* Love the way you caught those beautiful eyes.
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