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Marbled Polecat as Totem

Marbled Polecat as Totem

Original available at Etsy: [link]

'I take what gets in my way with my teeth and rip it out of my life with no further thought. To put it simply, I'm kind of badass.'


Measuring 18.5 x 20.5cm (or 7.4 x 8 in).
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I thought this was a ferret at first.
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love the colors of blue and browns together and love this animal family they all so cute, cunning and brave little animals Heart Love +fav 
Melopsittacus's avatar
i checked the meaning on your website, and this is the one that suits me better :) great job
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Thank you very much. :)
Ellygator's avatar
Love the bright blues against the nice muted earth colors of his fur!
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whisperinghearts's avatar
Particularly interesting. I appreciate the details of the spots for this animal.
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van-goghbutterflies's avatar
Ooooh...marbled polecat. O.o I freaking love marbled polecats - they're such interesting looking creatures. The first time I ever saw a picture of one I seriously thought that it was faked - like, taxidermist got bored faked. They're crazy fascinating to look at...really beautiful. And I absolutely love this portrayal - the warm fur colors and the cooler background colors are a perfect contrast, and I love the fur pattern. :)
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They really are interesting looking creatures! And totally badass. *grin*
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Oh man, the colours... They're just awesome. The background and subject contrast really is striking. :D I also love how the polecat has that "Oh yeah, I'm badass" look.

Ironically enough, I just made my mate a scarf with similar black/blue/silver scheme, and the totem phrase here is pretty close to his attitude. X3
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Heh, maybe black/blue/silver is just the default badass colour scheme? *grin*
He's amazing, and I love the quote!
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All your works are so marvelous, but this one particularly catches my eye. The orange-brown and blue hues both contrast and complement each other so well! Love your art! C;
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Thank you very much. :D
Inkshadow's avatar
You're very welcome. C:
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