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Huon Tree Kangaroo as Totem

Huon (Matschie's) Tree Kangaroo as Totem

Totem information over at my totem animal dictionary, here:



18.5 x 20.5cm (or 7.4 x 8 in)
illo's board, fineliner, aquarelle, pencil, metallic and iridescent paint
Want to see what's for sale? Go to my Etsy: [link]
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Ack...the link to the animal dictionary isn't working. I do like this tree kangaroo though.
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It's got a new link now - the whole dictionary is here: [link]

And the Huon Tree Kangaroo link is here: [link]

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Ah, I see and thank you.

Also, on a rather unrelated note, do you make prints available only after an original is sold? Was wondering about getting the new goanna totem one you did but I'll never be able to properly look after an original since I move about a lot.
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Good news! I've deleted the old file of Goanna and resubmitted the file entirely and prints are now available (and jigsaw puzzles and stuff, heh.)

Print file just got approved here: [link]
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Nevermind, I paid for it in points.
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I tried to check it out as a mug, but for some reason, DA wants me to pay AUD$12728720686.08 in shipping (copy-pasted from my checkout page). I'm assuming this is a glitch out of your control and will spend some time trying to iron this one out, but its gonna be a while before I can actually buy it >_>
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Yeah, that's a DeviantArt glitch that I can't control unfortunately (I get no say over shipping). :( I wish they'd get their act together, since it's not cool for either of us. So sorry! :(
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There's actually been a glitch with the Goanna Totem file and I have to raise it with helpdesk, since it came up with an error when I tried to submit it as a print (so frustrating!) - I hope to have it sorted out soon, but I do very much intend to sell prints (and cards and so forth). :)
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Love the new art, Ravenari :) This is my favourite :P
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I like the way it's facing you!
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Thank you. I like them when they're straight on as well.
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aha! I still have the link of this website =3 since the day you've posted the kangaroo's totem image =3 once again, thank you!
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Another gorgeous batch. :)
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