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Golden Eagle as Totem

Golden Eagle as Totem

I'm going through a massive 30 Rock Season 1 binge in celebration for Season 3 airing. Lol. It's been motivational.

Yup. I'm weird.


18.5 x 20.5cm (or 7.4 x 8 in)
illo's board, fineliner, aquarelle, pencil, metallic and iridescent paint
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Very beautiful!
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Hey I love Eagles because I always think of my dad. the Golden Eagle is one of most beautiful to me
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They are very beautiful. :)
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your work is perfection^^:heart:
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What a wonderful series! I love your style!
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That's gorgeous!
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This looks so majestic!Very fitting for the eagle,well done. :)
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Yay! Thank you. :D
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Haha,you're welcome! :D
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So stately and beautiful. Truly lovely.

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This would have to be one of my favourites from you! I love the colours in it, especially the highlights on the back of the eagle's head - it seems to reflect the yellow of the background. Nice details in the feathers, too. =)
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Wow! One of my favourites eh? That's high praise. Thank you so much. I liked this one when I had it, bu it's sold now. :)
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your work is really very beautiful. thanks for sharing :)
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My pleasure. Thanks for enjoying!
Dude, is it just me, or does she look smug? (And I'm definitely getting a "she" vibe--I always do from goldies.) Something about that expression just screams, "Just try and jess me today. Try it. I DARE YOU!" Or, perhaps, "Did you SEE that jack rabbit? Oh. Yeah. Totally mine. Muah-hah!"

...I might be weird >.>
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Lol, I love smug raptors. Hehehe.
Don't we all? X3 They certainly do, that's for sure. Little snots, hehehe.

(I love this emoticon! Pirate!)
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